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Are We A Fashionable Club Yet!


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What a difference a couple of years has made!


A couple of years ago we really struggles to attract the players Moyes wanted to bring to the club!


A mixed bag of Everton not being a particulaly attractive club to player, the fact Moyes 'dithered' in the transfer market, and we reluctant to pay the going rate for certain player. OK maybe he was constrained a little by his budget.


I think we saw a massive turnaround in the way Moyes did his dealings in the transfer market last summer. No messing around - he got the players he wanted really early on - and had none of this last miute panic buying. I think it paid real dividend this year. We paid good money for quality players and it worked.


I think we are a far more fashionable club for players to come to - last year we had two Everton players in an England starting line up in a competative game, a while since that was the case. We play some good football on our day, and the current squad is young and has some quality. I would say we are in the braket of Spur and Newcastle now for attracting player. Rather than in the Bracket of your Charlton's, Bolton's or Fulham's. So to me that is a massive turnaround.


Hopefully, this summer when we dabble in the transfer market, players will readily choose to come to Goodison Park as it is evident by the players we have brought to the club over the last couple of years that we are now a progressive and improving team who are looking to improve further.


Always difficult to get the first round of quality players to the club - as they just look at what is already at the club, and you think 'emm that team isn't to clever, can't see them being competative'. We have now passed that hurdle.


Where as now we are in the position when a potential transfer target looks at the team an thinks, 'there are some decent players there', a few more and they could be looking at challenging the top 4.


There are two in demand 'Evertonians' going to be on the market this summer, so they, more than other players, are aware of the strides Everton have made over the last three or four years. I have no doubt that these two will jump at the chance of joining the Club should an offer be made.


If Moyes wants their signiture this summer, I have absolutely no doubt they will sign. I wonder if this would have been the case three or four years ago. I very much doubt it.


With Stubbs very much in the twilight of his career, I would very much welcome a little more quality proper blue blood in to the squad.

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As a team yes...but a lot of behind the scenes work has gone in, Wyness has done wonders!

BUT we need a new modern stadium, Goodison Park just isn't up to it anymore no matter what people say about history etc. It is a shame the dock side build never materialised as that would have been amazing...but the club as a whole needs to modernise.


But yes, I think players are now seeing that Everton is going places. A good signing like AJ has helped too...roll on Nugent!

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I just worry that if we get Nugent he will do a Beattie and under perform, just a feeling I have and would hope to be proved wrong.


That makes no sence to me tbh, it's like sayin we shouldnt buy any striker incase he turns crap. You may aswell also say i dont think we should get kaka incase he does a VDM. its silly, different players have different outcomes. You cant say i think nugent will be a flop just becasue beats was?? It makes no sense.

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