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Madeleine Mccann


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Hope she is found ok, thoughts go out to the family.


I, just like most, can't understand paedophiles whatsoever. It's bad enough they snatch a child from a family but to do the other stuff I still and probably will never get my head around. Think every convicted paedophile should have their arms and downstairs removed.

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why the fuck havent the portugeese released pics of these sicks cunts aswell as the REG. number, people would reconize them or the plate wouldnt they not?


Against Portuguese law. Could argue that releasing pics would do more harm than good to the prospects of finding her alive.

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Weird - Sick fucking world. I thought to myself, why the hell did the parents leave her alone?? but I'm sure theyll be thinking that everyday, and possibly fr the rest of there lives.

I hope she is returned, renew my faith in humanity.



I've been asking myself that very same question since I first heard about this.


Hopefully, she is found safe and sound.

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Having only recently become a father, I didn't really understand the effect it had on parents before hand.


I really really hope that they can find her safe and well. Sky news were eluding to the fact that if she had have been murdered, the chances are they would have found some trace or a body by now, but the fact that they are still searching and lack of other information, suggests that she may well be held somewhere - but for what purpose, the Police are still unsure.


One possible thread the Police are allegedly working on is that it may be a couple who have lost a young child, more than like a girl, in the past, and they are trying to replace their loss with Maddy. I know that either scenero is awful, but I would rather this than her being at the hands of some sick and twisted pervert(s).


The torture that the parents must be going through is inconcievable to understand. My thoughts go out to all the McCanns, their family and friends also, and I really hope that Maddy can be found and brought home safe and well.

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