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Hi All,


Ive been looking to get a season ticket, mainly now due to the new ticket exchange/sale system on offer as this gives me the ability to sell my ticket to the matches i cant attend..

Looking at the form tho you just pick your preferred stand..


Do you not get to choose "roughly" where you want to sit? .. i dont want to pay for a season ticket and endup with a restricted view seat or something..


I want a season ticket (as opposed to just turning up) as it'd be great to have a regular seat .. i just dont want to endup somewhere random i wouldnt be happy with




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Call up the box office and you can select a choice of available seats to sit in, give them a few options incase one is taken when you make your selection and they even have a facility to swap your seat before the season starts if your not happy.


Which stand are you looking at?? I can pretty much tell you anything you need to know about the seat location in the Gwladys street lower but I'd be no help with the numbering in any of the other stands.


Your best option if possible would be to fill out your forms etc then go to Goodison because they let you in to sit in and view available seats in your chosen area!

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Ah ok thank smate, I phoned the box office the other week but they just sent me the form with Stand choices so i thought that i didnt have much options!! .. will give them another ring and see whats avaliable then cheers


Think i'll go for Mainstand if i can get a decent enough seat...

.. have sat in Upper Gwladys street a couple times and likewise upper bullens before the new parkend was built. But since then have always gone for Main stand area (MS2 -> MS4) ... mainly because id never see us even score a goal until i sat in Mainstand (a couple 0-0 draws and a couple losses from watchign bullens/gwladys street) so havent sat anywhere else since the mainstand started being lucky for me... (since then ive never seen us not score .. inc seeing Vaughan's début goal in the 4-0 thumping of Crystal Palace... what Rooney record? )


Whats Parkend like? .. havent sat there at all.. should really give it a go but i do like the views from Mainstand as close to the halfwayline as i can get..



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The last (and only) time I sat in the Park End was pre-redevelopment in 1991 when I came up with a minibus load of Woking supporters for the FA Cup fourth round match. Took us for ever to score, Sheeds finally putting me out of my misery...er, so I'm not much use. Zed's the only Park End season ticket holer on here to my knowledge.

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