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Todays The Day.


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Well here we are on the last day of the prem season, it seemed to fly over so quickly, but the close season seems to drag on forever.

Quite pleased that we will at least finish in top seven and are at more or less guaranteed to see Euro football of some description next season. I would have been more pleased with a definate 5th finish, and taking into account some poor displays like Middlesboro at home, and West ham, plus losing late goals to Wigan, Man Cty and Spurs we should have achieved that.


Hopefully if we aquire some decent players in the summer, a strong midfielder who can drive us on when we are not playing well, and a couple of proper leftside wide players (Fullback and Winger) to properly balance the side and to drag defenders out of the middle, which in turn will make more room for the strikers.


I'm always sad to see the end of the footy season, cos the weekends in the summer gives me no excitement, and no talking points to discuss. I have to get my Walking boots out and get away for most weekends.


Just wandering how others have seen the season and how they adjust to life without Footy.



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very good season in a sence, we have played good in some games and played terrible in others.

top 7 is a good place to be and where we should be every season.


this summer i dont know what the hell im going to do without football, there is the U21 european championship which JV is involved, might watch that, but other than that i will have to wait patiently for the friendlies to come.


roll on the transfer window.

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surely most Blues will have been fairly happy with the season.Qualifying for Europe

beating the rs,Lescott,AJ and the two young strikers coming through.

Yeh sure could have been better.....but then even Chelsea and Man Utd could be

saying that.

Me! yes I've enjoyed the season,though wished I could have attended more matches!

never mind next season!!!!

The summer will come and go and August will bring new hope and heartache in equal

proportion.....always did always will.How will us Norfolk lads survive without football?

Spot of cow tipping and tractor racing will help maybe even a barn dance or two...

But come saturdays at 3.00 pm.....I'm going to feel empty.But I wont forget my team!

and when you see on the news about crop circles and see one spelling out the name

EVERTON.....Then your going to know that I've been counting down the time to that

sunny day in August when IT STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN!

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Its going to be a long summer, just immagine how excitible and ridiculous the rumourama section will now the season has finished


Considering we used to finish most seasons in the bottom half of the league, this IS the 3rd best season for Everton in 20 years


The other two are winning the FA cup and finishing fourth. Puts it into perspective


In case anyone forgot 20 years ago in 1987 we won the league

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The Medical team will no doubt be in & I cant wait.


I am a little fortunate these days ( I used to start pining for the new season 2 weeks before the end of current etc)


@ least now being on the lopsided bit of the world, the new season here starts in a month ( I* have developed a minorish interest) & have the Asian Nations cup as a tie over.


But all said, Bring on the new season ASAP.

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