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Fifa To Investigate Manny


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FIFA are trying to find out how much MSI paid for half of Manny from Benfica. Sorry about bad english it's a loose translation from portuguese to english using babelfish..


The English company - Media Sports Investments (MSI) - that withholds half of the pass of the former-benfiquista Manuel Fernandes, of 21 years, is to be investigated by FIFA. The group led for the Iranian Kia Joorabchian has been involved in considered operations suspicion and the organism that supe-rintende the world-wide soccer meets at this moment to elaborate a report on the activities of the company, who will have briefly to be divulged. E, knows the Sport Post office, one of the businesses suspicious involves the Benfica and Manuel Fernandes, data that the club of the Light, in January of 2005, received about eight million euros for half the pass the medium.


After accusations of money laudering in Brazil, during the period where the MSI managed and invested to millions of dollar in the Corinthians, club with which celebrates a protocol, was now the time of the West Ham to know serious dissabores for its linking to the MSI. The English club was condemned to pay 7,9 million euros for irregularities in the transferences of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano, players contracted to the Corinthians in last August, and still risk to lose points, if the English Federacy to take in consideration the protests of the direct competitors of ' hammers ' in the fight for the despromoção.


The ' crime ' of the West Ham was to have directamente negotiated with Kia Joorabchian and not with the Corinthians, as they order the rules of the FIFA. Manuel Fernandes blunted in the Benfica with 18 years and soon it despertou covets it of the most diverse emblems of the European soccer. Many were the candidates, but the Benfica opted to vender half of the pass of the medium to the MSI for about 8 million euros. The return was guaranteed with the commitment assumed for the Portsmouth to pay 18 million euros for its pass, but in the hour of the truth the English had withdrawn. From this mount of money, the Benfica would receive nine million euros. The problem seemed to be decided with the good exhibitions in the Everton, but the risks of history with the Portsmouth if to repeat are enormous.


Trainer David Moyes, by the way, made to sound the alarm when affirming that public 18 million euros are a value somewhat raised for the possibilities of the club. This will be one of the subjects that, this week, Luis Filipe Vieira will have treated in England. 18 MILLION EUROS Manuel Fernandes started the time to play in the Portsmouth, of English Liga. As the club did not want to exert the option right and to buy the medium for 18 million euros, the formerones headed to the Everton, that also already announced that not paid the mount of money demanded for company MSI.




When it vendeu half of the pass of Manuel Fernandes to company MSI (January of 2005) for eight million euros, the president of the Benfica, Luis Filipe Vieira, said that it made a "great business" and that it defended the "património" of the club.

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