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Etuhu in, McFadden out??????????

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Mirror say that Everton have bid £750k for Etuhu, while in the sun newspaper it says that MCfadden wants to leave with Rangers keeping an eye on the situation.




If its true about McFadden thing that we should be looking at Rangers or Celtic and looking for a player in the deal. Maybe Balde from Celtic

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I must admit I am now very close to throwing the towel in on McFadden. I think we have all be wishing and hoping he would turn out to be the player we hoped he would be. But alas he just doesn't see to been able to step up that level to make him a Premiership player. The quality of defenders and midfeilders in the Prem are just to good to enable McFadden to do what he was consistently good at in the Scottish league, running at and beating players and putting the ball in the back of the net.


We see him put in some good performances in a Scotland shirt- but only really against the minnows of international football.


He is at the age now where he is no longer be a hot prospect - but should be delivering the performances on the pitch. There are a lot of younger players around who ARE doing the bussiness.


Squad wise we are not in the position to let him go just yet, unless a replacement comes in as part of the deal.


Time to face the fact McFadden isn't yet nor will he become the player we all hoped. Time to cut and run on this one while he is still fresh in the minds of Celtic and Rangers.


Shame really because I really had high hopes for the lad. Some you win (Cahill) So you lose.

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Id rather keep hold of Mcfadden i think he may turn out to be another Osman, he wasn't playing regularly 2 seasons ago was he?? Look at him now, ok he isn't first choice every game but were glad to have him!!


I also think that if Mcfadden was played as an out and out striker he would be a better player, we'l just have to wait and see!!

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Thats not a bad shoutt. We have been linked with him before. Think he is rated about 3.5-4m so saying that McFadden is rated about 1 - 1.5m which is roughly what we paid for him.


Yeah didn't we sign him for 1.25million with that figure raising with appearances and stuff?? What position does Petrov play, isn't he an attacking midfielder??

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petrov plays attacking mid, or on the right attacking.....which would leave neville to move to left back, and arteta to fill in the holding role...


I'm glad you're not the manager! Neville cannot play left back other than in an emergency, you could see on Sunday that he was limited because of his inability to use his left foot effectively. Arteta is no good in a holding role because he's too much of a lightweight when it comes to tackling and he gives away too many free kicks in dangerous positions. If he's going to play for us it has to be in a creative role further up the pitch. Personally I've still got my doubts about him - I hope he can show better form away from Goodison than he's done so far.


Petrov may be of interest but at the moment the priority has to be at left back and up front. What worries me now is that Moyes has gone public on his failure to land Owen or Kuyt (as if we ever stood a chance!) and that might be an indication that we won't be signing a quality striker before the transfer window closes. I am baffled to know why he didn't pursue an interest in Baros.

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i believe Baros to be a Villa player now!


i wanna keep McFadden till next summer, if he keeps on performing fro Scotland i think we could make a decent profit even if he doesnt pull it off in the prem, he is highly regarded north of the boarder!

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