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Bent Vs Beattie


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While the vast majority on here seem to be keen to get rid of bent, I continue to prefer him to beattie - neither player has shone this season, but I still reckon that bent, with an extended run in the side, would have been able to contribute more than the 6 million pound tub of butter has done.


I'd be very surprised if bent does not go to charlton in january given how long they have been linked with him...


My prediction: we will regret selling him as bent ends the season with more goals than beattie (assuming neither suffers a major injury)

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Guest fozzie22
look at the stats


BT: 5 goals  4 in PL and 1 in CL

Bent 1 goal in PL.


BT: chases alot of lost causes and can put pressure on keepers

Bent: doesnt seem to be up for it anymore

Either one of them is not much to shout about is it??


Of course the big,nay massive differnce is this,one cost 450k and the other 6 mill...So who's the worst value for money?

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