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Tim Cahill


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TC was on Fox sports 2day, part 1 of a 15-20 min IV.


He has been Back in Oz near 3 weeks & says he has been fishing 5 hrs+ everyday !


Tc revealed how he actually broke 2 bones in his foot. the 5th Meta & a cross bone ? Anyhows he says he feels great, strong & raring 2 go.


If todays scan is all good, he says he will begin running tomorrow, full training next week.


Says he is hungry as, 4 European Footy & 4 the new campaign to begin ( he reveals more in tomorrows Prt 2 of Iv Inc when he plans to return & Play in oz)


Mostly talked about the national team, his own recovery & fishing.


TC rates him self as a Pretty Bloody Good Fisherman & says he has been catching more thana few. yaaa 4 Timmy.


Expects if gets all clear 2 day to be fully mobile for Australias Asian nations Cup Campaign ( Next Month) & 2 be in peek shape for the start of the 07/08 campiagn.


Will keep posted + add more after Prt 2 Morrow


P.s His Bro was extradited today also involving a Fight he & Tc were involved in some time ago ,story cont......



Cahill's brother extradited over assault

May 14, 2007 - 7:25PM


The brother of Socceroo Tim Cahill was tonight extradited to Britain to face court over an assault that left a man blinded in one eye.


Sean Cahill, 28, left the United Kingdom just weeks before he was to face trial for his alleged involvement in a taxi rank brawl at Bromley, Kent, on July 11, 2004.


Cahill was arrested in Sydney by NSW Police on March 9 at the request of UK authorities.


He was being held in custody in Sydney's Parklea Prison until today when he was given to authorities handling his extradition, a Corrective Services (CS) spokesman said.


"They were planning to escort him on a plane to the United Kingdom," the CS spokesman said.


Cahill's extradition had been approved by Justice Minister David Johnston on April 11, a department spokesman said today.


A British newspaper report said the 28-year-old fight victim had lost sight in one eye and had to undergo extensive dental treatment following the punch-up.

Cahill and his younger brother Tim, a midfielder for the Liverpool-based English Premier League club Everton, had been in a Bromley nightclub, Delanos, on the evening of the alleged assault, the report said.


Sean Cahill was arrested and charged with assault with intent in February 2005.


He pleaded not guilty in Croydon Crown Court in April that year and a trial date was set for May 25.


But British police obtained an arrest warrant on May 5 when it was discovered that Cahill had left the country.



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