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Players We Don't Need!


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In silly season we get linked to everyone. However a lot of the players we are linked to we just don't need. I'd love to have them here but there are more pressing ways of using our limited funds.


Nugent - we have 3 strikers in AJ, Vaughan and Anichebe hat can do a job. Another would be nice (I've lost all hope in Beattie) but do we need another one for £6-7m? No.


Fernandes - great skill, takes some pressure of Arteta but we need width and a ball winning midfielder a la Parker or Barton.


Baines - how many left backs do we have? Ok, none of them are amazing (Lescott aside), but we have plenty of LB's.


We do need...


Centre back cover

A left winger

A ball winning midfielder

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Would Ferrari come back to us as i thought he left us with disappointments? i thought he was disappointed that he was not given enough chnaces to play with us? i would love him back but i have my doubts.


Anyway barton seems more intrested to play for an Europen club than us...



Nugent is the only player who keeps saying he wanna play for us...lets hope he gets his chance with us and also hopefully at not too expensive price!

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we need a left back whos decent as valente is hardly fit and even though nace did much better than usual this season hes a squad player at best.


we also need a centre back as cover along with some wingers either one of those would do for me.


sorry to those who like him but i dont want barton at this club. people say hes a blue and would run through a brick wall for us however i think hes more likely to put one of our players through a brick wall. hes a liability and i dont want to take the risk of him being here

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Tell me if im wrong but the last time he played I think was against Arsenal, but he went off injured. I thought he was quality me if we could get him back it would be a class signing. but the reason we didnt even look at paying the fee we had the option of is because he fell out with moyes.


I would have loved Manny but it wont happen, Barton would be a quality singing im just curious about Cahill playing in a 4 man midfield because the games he has played there and not behind a front striker he doesnt seem to play as good.

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