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Funky Tuncay

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From Tribalfootball... but he has been linked a lot in the past.


Everton are chasing Fenerbahce striker Sanli Tuncay.

Sabah says Everton and Villarreal head a queue of clubs chasing Turkey's big attacking star.


Tuncay has declared he's ready to leave Fener this summer for a club that "is competing regularly in Europe".

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IMO he will go to a top class team like Real Madrid or the Mancs etc.. he would be a heck of a signing if we got him tho..


Well it looks like this guy is definitely leaving Fener, and could be attracting those regular Champions league teams like Birmingham and Middlesbrough.




With his record, does anyone think he is worth a punt? On a free I believe, and so it would just be wages, but surely with us having European Football to offer, he would prefer us over Borough and Brum. No disrespect intended?


Don't know much about him, but seems to have a v good reputation!?

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Definitely wortha punt considering BT is utter shite. For free aswell, u can't lose cept for the wages. If Boro and Brum r after him weve gott get him. Although Moyes and the board are doing their usual dithering which fucks me right off the dick eds.

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Bit of info on the fella on the above link, surpossed to be the dogs bollocks over in Turkey. He is available on a free and Birmingham and Middlesbrough are on his trail and he can be employed as a left winger with pace and dribbling ability.


Any 25 year old who has scored a hatrick against Man U in the Champions League has to have something about him.


I doubt he is on mega bucks either, I will be very disappointed if Everton are not seriousely considering him as he sound like a player who could do a job for us without breaking the bank. The article below says his greatest attribute is his heart and willingness to fight - sound my kind of player to be honest.


He is the type of player that could turn out to be next seasons Berbatov or Teves in the Premiership.


Surly the powers that be at Everton are aware of his availability


Now if he is a target for your Milans, Real Madrids etc then fair enough if we miss out on him, but if he ends up at Middlesbrough or Birmingham then I would be very disappointed.





Fenerbahçe SK forward Tuncay Sanli will be pondering a move "to play abroad" after Turkey's UEFA EURO 2008™ qualifier in Bosnia-Herzegovina on Saturday.

First choice

Having now won three league titles in five seasons since joining the Istanbul side from Sakaryaspor in 2002, the combative 25-year-old striker is running out of things to prove in the Süper Lig. A first choice in Fatih Terim's national team, who sit top of Group C after five qualifying matches, he is trying to keep his composure ahead of their next test in Sarajevo, but is looking forward to thinking over his options in the summer.

Going abroad

"A transfer is not my priority now so soon after I have lifted the championship trophy, and we have a tough game with the national squad," he told uefa.com. "After the Bosnia-Herzegovina game I will be more relaxed and able to decide properly about my future. However, I have to admit that, yes, I want to play abroad. This is what I want."

Famous treble

With 13 goals to his name after 41 appearances for Turkey, Tuncay is now an established international. He first made ripples in European football back in December 2004, scoring three goals in a 3-0 UEFA Champions League win against Manchester United FC. He remembered: "After the game, I asked myself: 'Did I really just score a hat-trick against United?' Some people said they fielded a reserve team but as far as I am concerned they were all wearing United shirts."

Key attributes

Tuncay's game has come on again this season as he gradually perfects his style. "I had some weaknesses in the past but I have tried to develop after listening to what people say about me," he explained. "However, my greatest attribute is my heart and my willingness to fight. If I play with my heart and battle on the pitch, then it means I am doing my job for my team."

European goal

The pacy striker's passion and determination have already moved mountains for Fenerbahçe and Turkey but he wants a bigger challenge. "If you play abroad you can develop your game, learn a new language and experience different cultures," he said. "It is difficult to explain because I am not playing in Europe yet. I will face with these challenges when I get there - if I get there."

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TURKEY'S top striker Tuncay Sanli could be heading for Middlesbrough on a free transfer.


Boro chief executive Keith Lamb has flown to Istanbul to meet the forward, who is quitting Fenerbahce at the end of his contract and wants to come to England.


Tuncay, who scored a hat-trick against Manchester United in the Champions League, is one of the best players in his homeland and became a free agent when his deal ran out.


Fenerbahce do not want to lose Tuncay but Boro hope he will accept their offer, worth about £60,000-a-week.


The striker, 26, has been a hero for his club since joining them in his teens and has scored 77 goals.


He has been a regular Turkish international for four years and notched 12 times in 38 caps.


He would have no trouble gaining a work permit.


Boro want two or possibly three new strikers and landing Tuncay for nothing would be a great start to their summer spending spree

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60k a week, there is our problem

Yeah that will be the problem with this possible transfer.


Is a shame, as he could also play wide out as well, as solve some of the width problems we have. Then again he could turn out to be crap and we have lost nothing! :D


Worth a punt though me thinks! We are in Europe after all....

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60k a week, there is our problem


I don't see how these kind of wages are a problem for players on a free transfer. If we assume that our wage budget allows 40k a week for top players, the difference is 20k a week. Since there is no fee for the player, we should be able to afford a higher sign-on fee. 20k times 52 weeks is about 1m a year. If we sign him on a four year deal on 40k a week, the difference is 4m per year. If we are interested, we could simply agree to pay 3-4m extra in sign-on fee and still keep our wage structure. This would have course need to be added to his "standard" sign on fee, but I would still assume it's a pretty good deal for a player this calibre.


And if things don't work out, I'm sure we can get a pretty good deal if we deceide to sell him at a later time.

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There is a easy way around big wages for for player available on a free transfer - You pay them a signing on fee.


So for example say our wage ceiling is £40,000 he need £60,000 a week to meet waht other clubs offer him. But you don't want to break your ceiling.


You offer say a four year contract at £40,000 a week and say a £2M signing on fee - OK to cover £20,000 for the full 4 years it would be £4M. But the £2M is upfront and still in your pocket should you leave after 1, 2 or 3 years.


Thats how you get around not smashing your wage structure to get a free tranfer into the club.


He took the risk of letting his contract run down, so reeps the finacial benefit rather than his club.


Simple, problem solved

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60k a week sounds a lot for a player who's only played in Turkey - no disrespect - where the opposition isn't as strong as other leagues.


can't see how he'd warrant that salary.


boro will have about 90k a week spare now that Viduka has gone :)




edit - ps he was decent in Champ Man 03/04

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^ exactly


id like him here....but at 60k, he doesn't have the experience, we aren't a team to offer 60k to anyone we want in, never mind someone completely unproven


i wouldnt say hes completely unproven. not played in the prem, but consistently performs well in the CL and internationally is good enough for me, esp on a free!

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I think he is going to be a big signing for Middlesbrough. Possibley next seasons 'Berbatov'


As a free tranfer, I think he could have walked into are starting 11 on the left wing. I really hope Moyes has got somebody lined up for what is probably our weakest area.

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DM says that he wants some free transfers and that is an ideal one lost.


Once again left wondering if DM has something if anything planned for the summer


he must have planned something.


we're in europe for gods sake.


it's tough watching free transfers like this go to teams that we finished above but we must have faith.


we'll end up with deadline day deals as usual - we wouldn't be Everton fans without being put through the transfer wrangler twice a year!

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