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Tim Cahill


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"I don't want to get ahead of myself too much, but I'm quietly confident, I'm happy," Cahill revealed. "Before I left England, there was quite a bit of a gap between the bone and the pin [in his foot], but these X-rays show a massive improvement. If anything, the bone looks as though it's healed over 80%.


"So I'll start running on Sunday. I hope to do a good 20 minutes, half an hour, so I can get the feel for it, and the biggest day will be Monday, to see how I pull up. But at the moment it feels fine, I've had no pain."


Everton head physiotherapist Mick Rathbone will also make a 48-hour visit to Sydney at the weekend to finalise the next phase of Cahill's rehabilitation programme.


"I've always been fresh and positive mentally, and now I'm just looking forward to the Asian Cup. It's not a Mickey Mouse tournament, this is one of the biggest tournaments outside the World Cup, and we've got a massive chance of some silverware," he added.


"Obviously the last 12 months haven't gone completely to plan, but I still played 16-18 games for Everton, scored seven goals, played in the World Cup and finished in the top 50 of the Ballon d'Or [European footballer of the year award]. That's my season, so things aren't so bad after all."





Seems the lad is being Well looked after, with every precaution. Great news.

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