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Just came across this article on the web.................







Brazil legend Romario finally scored the 1,000th goal of his distinguished career as Vasco da Gama beat Sport Recife 3-1 in the second round of the Campeonato Brasileiro on Sunday.


The 41-year-old World Cup winner had failed to score in his last five outings, which saw Vasco fail to reach the Campeonato Carioca semi-finals.


But, after missing the opening Campeonato Brasileiro game, Romario converted a 48th minute penalty, which led to a 20 minutes delay in the game.


The former PSV Eindhoven and Barcelona player was presented with a special shirt with the number 1,000 on the back by club president Eurico Miranda and completed a lap of honour.


Romario admits his tally includes goals scored in youth team, friendly and testimonial games.


"I'd like to thank all the people who have always been by my side - my parents, my children, everybody. I'm really shocked," said Romario.

"It's a great pleasure to achieve this mark only one man conquered (Pele)."


Vasco coach Celso Roth added: "I'm privileged to be at Vasco at this moment and live Romario's 1,000th goal. Actually, I haven't dreamt about this, but football gives you this kind of gifts."




It doesnt seem possible for a player to score that amount of goals in the modern game, if he turned pro at 16yrs old he has been playing for 25 yrs. My mathematics are not good but i work that out to be an incredible FORTY GOALS EVERY SEASON FOR THE 25 YEARS :o:o thats a phenominal strike rate. Must be one of the Truly great strikers of Modern Times, and i raise my hat to him in pure admiration.

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i read that there is alot of dispute around the number of goals he has actually scored because there is no official talley kept of all the friendley and youth games he has played. He has still scored a shit load of goals but i read some brazillian journalist saying that Romario was counting goals he scored in his back garden to get to a total of 1000.

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Yeh well done mate!.....BUT I've added all my goals up....including,schools,youth,first

team......Back garden,front room,hallway.....subbuteo(table football)....deflections,flukes,

disputed!......the odd penalty.....AND THE ONES I'VE SCORED FOE EVERTON IN MY DREAMS!

........Bringing me to the grand total of 999!!........One more!....just one more!!

NOW where's my old ball?I hate being stuck on 999...don't you? :rolleyes:

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South American record keeping is like Italian honesty - questionable.


I have no doubt he achieved this feat, because of the delay in wanting to score his 1000th goal in front of his home crowd, good on ya mate.





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I remember meeting him during the 94 World Cup. I went to some nice restaurant for breakfast and the whole Brazilian team was there as well. He was a very nice guy. Great accomplishment to achieve for him.

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