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Baros to Villa

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Am sure that everyone has seen that RS and Villa agreed a fee for Baros and he is meant to sign today after a medical


I can't work this one out. Everton come out and say they are interested in signing him. Now surely if they ciome out and say that then they must spoken to the club about him and maybe even the player.


Now if they have spoken to the player as well then they must have known if he is preparted to join us. If he is not then why come out and say we are interested so I think that he must have said he would be prepared but why then has there been no bid

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To be honest I think Baros was shitt1ng it at the idea of changing from a red to a blue and still being based in the city of Liverpool, just didn't fancy the crack that goes with that. Simple as that and nothing to do with money etc.


So a bit of a pussy if you ask me

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