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6 Times

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We won it 7 times

We won it 7 times

In Ancient Greece

We won it 7 times



I support Milan just as much as the majority of so called RS fans support their team


So true Zed. You wouldn't believe the number of RS shirts on the streets of Devon yesterday. How many of them have been to Anfield? Case in point, when I took my daughters "red" boyfriend up to Leeds the other week we got as far as Tewkesbury on the M5 and he said, "I've never been this far North before." Nearly crashed the car laughing. And he's in his thirties ffs :rolleyes: .

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I kept away from the reds fans at work today. I considered the result as "job done" and puts to bed any further crowing and any new song about 6 times. I also suspect that it screwed with their minds a bit that I just ignored the whole thing!


And as for their fans clambering walls to get in...Speechless, absolutely effing speechless.

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