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Nintendo Wii


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Ok I need help, my daughter, who is nine, would like one of these for her birthday


I think she will be a bit young for it, what do you thing and does any one have one of these


Anyway, you young computer dudes, where will I get the best deal on these things

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Aaron has a mental age of 9 ! :D So your daughter should be fine with it... I think 9 is a good age to be playing consoles..


The cheapest you'll find it is £175 but getting somewhere in stock is a problem..


Check ebay...




Also if you import from Germany you will be entitled to a 2yr warranty as opposed to a 1yr one.

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The stock problem should not be as bad as it was around the xmas time but still might have a problem from getting it everywhere which will mean either have to wait to get the best price or maybe pay a little bit mor. try game or comet but the basic package is as louis said £175 and you get the sports game with that which is good for a laugh.


Some of the games will be fine for your daugther at 9 and would think she might enjoy the wii more than the ps3 or 360. Wario smooth moves might be a good choice.

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Get her a skipping rope, hula hoop and a doll, save a fucking fortune mate.






LMAO your not fooking wrong there Mac, Im probably getting her a bike


She made a list for her birthday, which went something like


1. Dog

2. Doll

3. PS2

4. Dog

5. Dog

6 Dog

7 Dog

8. Bike

9. Dog

10. Dog

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Guest blueboy122

175 is alot to spend on a 9 year old lol, but suppose u have to spoil ur littel princess is that right zed!?

try cosco or macro much cheaper there i heard £100!

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