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I Just Made A Malaysian's Day!


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Was just in a Hotel in Singapore and i arrived wearing my Everton Shirt, the guy working at the reception jumped out of his seat to shake my hand as he was an Evertonian too. He had never met another Evertonian before and everyone else who worked in the hotel was a Kopite, even all his friends were Kopites. He then phoned them all up and got me to shout abuse down the phone about the 3-0 and there Champions League loss.


It was brilliant.


He made my day and i made his.



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It is really clean, and they have banned chewing gum!! There is also signs every saying don't piss in our lifts, apparently they have urine detectors which will stop the lift from working if you do take a leak. crazy times.


I was going to get a picture with him but when i got back to the hotel he had finished his shift and now im at the airport waiting to go to oz.

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Compared to the rest of south east asia yes, but compared to england no. The Hotel we stayed in was 10pound a night and for a rough estimation on food costs for dinner tonight i had a Curry with rice, naam bread and side salad and it cost me 2 quid. You can also pick up electronic goods on the cheap here.


The airport is insane though. I fly to Sydney at 9.30am and because i have to check in 4 hours before hand and there isn't any trains running late at night i have come to the airport a good few hours before hand (its 5.00am now and i got here at midnight) But there is a free cinema, free xboxes, free internet, a free swimming pool, massage chairs. a cactus garden, sport channels on tvs. Pretty much everything you could want, and its all free. sweet. Im now looking forward to getting on the plane where i can have free alchohol. always goes down a treat.

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Jamie theres a game in Sydney on Saturday night.


Billing it as world cup qual Re match " Australia V Uruguay " -> I think its @ Sydney Footy Stadium or the Olympic Stadium. (1 of the 212 stadiums in Sydney)



Tickets start from $30 Aus about 13 quid or so ? Ticketek are the people to contact. ( Branches everywhere in oz)


http://premier.ticketek.com.au/ -> the St George V Brisbane NRL game is on same day & wouldnt be bad either.


Jamie, quick word, steer clear of the western suburbs if poss -> Espec Sth west & only visit Redfern if you aboslutley, desperately need a hit of smack. ;)

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