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Yer I agree with the drop lampard subject but I think even though Beckham played well We need an Aaron Lennon to fit in somewhere in the england team. When he plays he leaves defenders like nothing which is priceless, all he needs is to work on his final ball which is poor.


What would everyones England team be??




G Neville Carragher Terry A Cole


Beckham Gerrard Hargreaves J Cole


Rooney Owen


I dont like Rio IMO Carragher is alot better, Maybe Lennon in for Beckham, its a hard choice. I haven't put Lescott in the team because he wont get in the england team out of position if he does it will be at center half and he ain't gunna take Terry or Jamie out is he.

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Lampard definately is way over rated. I think more credit is given to the likes of Lampard because of the club rather than his merit as a player. You only need to look at the streak of urine, aka Crouch. He was dismissed for ages then the moment he joins the RS he is in the England squad.

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crouch is a very good player tho imo. maybe not the best striker but is still a good striker. was the second top goal scorer in the champions league this season.



The point is though if he was playing the same as he is now for Southampton he more than likely wouldnt be in the England squad

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Its always been the same...I mean, we only have to look in our own back yard to see this is true. Okay, Johnson only broke into the squad, arguably because Michael Owen was injured?


Plus, we have one of the best English defenders in the Premiership in Lescott, and he only gets a run out for 10-15 minutes in the B squad at Burnley FC's Turfmoor. Seems a little bit of snobbery is going on here.


Lets be blunt, if Lescott was playing for Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal or the RS he would be in the squad in an instant IMO!



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