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2012 Olympics

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One of those things I think that there's a big outcry but once everyone gets used to it we all realise we don't actually give a shit. Like when the BBC brought in a new weather map a while back the world came to an end because "it was so hideous." Now no-one remembers the old one or bats an eyelid at it. Ditto any number of logos in the past (BT and all the political parties off the top of my head).

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Epileptics of the nation rise up and take back what is yours. This is silliness gone past reason, what a twit we are going to look when this thing rises above Wembley and gives us all a pain in the onions. Seb Coe - hand in every award you have ever been given and go and fuck off to somewhere else.





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I wouldn't worry too much about that logo if I were you!......if you want something

to worry about.......try who's going to pay for the 2012 sports day!....TRY YOU!!!


Every builder,plumber and cowboy in Eastern Europe can't wait for the building

programe to begin!


Can any members on here speak Polish?......maybe we could put a team together to

tender for the contract for the "new" anfield!.....If we could just get one or two Blues

on that one.....then I'm sure we would have a new stadium before them...and a better

one :rolleyes:

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Pass me an OXO cube, we are about to become the laughing stock of the world of sport. In terms of sporting excellence we a little behind the door, compare us to Australia in terms of size and population, we are fucking rubbish. Our aim for these games is to be in the top 4, give me a fucking break. We will fail in a way that even Job would envy.





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The Greeks put on a pretty dam good olympics........now they don't know what to

do with all the stadiums,swimming pools and various other infrastructure.So why

doesn't every competing nation throw them a couple of £million to keep things ticking

over and to maybe improve things....and stage the olympics there every four years.

It's the spiritual home of the olympics....the weathers always good.....no one hates

the Greeks.......pretty girls wander naked along the beaches!!



In London......................

Security will be a nightmere,and that cost probably hasn't probably been added

to the expected total!.....which will lets be honest be at least £100million over budget!


It WILL rain!........and what the hell are WE going to do with all the new infrastructure?


Can anybody on here tell me what we as tax payers/citizens are going to get out

of these games?


Tourists?.........Couple of bombs a month or two before the event could put pay to

that theory.

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I saw Seb Coe on Gabby Logans show, the estimated cost for security will be £700m.



Nice one mate!.......That's the only good thing about the London Olympics...................

...................GABBY LOGAN......Guess we should be seeing quite a bit of her!



As for Seb Coe......The less the better!

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Love the idea...don't begrudge a penny...no problem with the logo...love the facilities and I think we'll win shitloads of medals and become a major global sporting force again. Joshua and me (inspired by J's obsession with LOTR) are taking up archery and fully expect to be competing (with full lottery funding in place) at international level by 2010 in preparation for our assault on the medal places in 2012.....then all you people will be able to say you knew us before we became famous :P .

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