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The Missing Money


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I'm afraid I can't agree with the answer given to the question regarding the missing £10M.


It was stated that the reason we have no longer got the £10M+ is because Bill and Keith were banking on Owen/Kuyt scoring the goals that would take us through to the lucrative stages of the Champions League, ie: speculate to accumulate.


However looking through the archives David Moyes was quoted as saying on the eve of the 2nd leg of the Villarreal game that he would still like to bring Owen to Everton. Therefore :-


There was no way that Owen would be able to score the goals v Villareal as we hadn't even spoken to him by then

By the morning of the 2nd leg, I'd guess that it was realistic to think that it was unlikely that we were going to qualify for the group stages (the bookies gave us about a 1 in 8 chance).

Therefore please tell me where Bill would have got the money from if Owen had said yes - remember he only signed for Newcastle on the 30th August? Maybe Buster would have just opened another shop!

Yet again the Board are taking the piss but yet again the spotlight is being taken off them because of poor position we are currently in.


If that doesn't make sense then let me explain - if our current position and performances were happening 12 months ago then Kenwright's position would have been untenable. However, because fans actually believe that Kenwright has given Moyes money to spend (rather than it just being the Rooney money) then Moyes is being cast as the villain because we are 16th. If we were 9th or 10th then fans would be on at the Board to spend that £10M.





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Guest fozzie22

Pure speculation mate


Owen wouldnt come to us,we couldnt have afforded him anyway but the "10 ill" is just a random figure of what we could have made.


Ive said all along DM has only spent the rooney cash,not much else,the bigger question now is of course is where the funds for new signings will be coming from?


FSF perhaps? :(

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