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Racist Dog?


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In Huizingen (Belgium) a black guy who wanted a job as a welder, wasn't even allowed on the premises of the company he was going to have an interview with.


The reason: the dog of the owner, alledgedly, can't stand coloured people. On the letter to the job agency, the owner wrote:


"Le chien ne support pas la personne. Risque de morsures voir couleur de peau" (The dog can't stand the person. Risk of bites due to colour of skin)


"It's not my fault that my dog gets aggressive with people who have a different skin colour. My dog has been traumatized and reacts that way."

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So if a black child walks past the premises and the dog just happens to see

them.....result,child attacked by dog!!


Whilst not in the category of dog lover!I do have a lot of time for them and

think they make loving pets....therefore,if the owners certain it will attack

people with different coloured skins than his own.....put the dog down!..and

or the owner!!


surely any welder worth his wage,is just certain to have a dirty/slightly blackened

hands and face at the end of their shift........they must get through a hell of a lot

of soap when the shift ends!!.......or get attacked by the racist dog..on their way

out to their cars!!

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What is this crap about putting it down? I'm sorry but with any animal that is naturally an aggressive animal then it is at risk of attacking people. It hasn't attacked anyone yet and probably won't do. There are a load of questions that need to be answered before stating that it needs to be put down.


If it is a controlled environment then why does the dog have to be put down. Look at police dogs, or even guard dogs. They're there to do one job and majority of the time it is too attack. So your saying 'cos they will attack someone put them down as well?

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There have been people who claimed THEIR dogs wouldn't hurt a fly!....only for

that dog to go on and maul a child....sometimes seriously!


This owner is happily claiming"his dog has been traumtized!...and gets aggressive!with

people".......shall we take a chance on that one?


A workmate a couple of years back at a Leeds match....little bit of shoving and pushing

managed to drop his programe!reached down to pick it up,and his forearm was grabbed

by a police dog......policeman told him to releace,which for a split second he did only to

get a second much better grip.Result plenty of soft tissue damage,nerve damage etc!

Still going through the courts!(police wouldn't even call an ambulance for him).


That's an aggressive dog(police dog)not in control!


If this man has trained his dog....to be aggressive towards Black,white or green people..

..then no you can't blame the dog.But THAT dog is dangerous.....so is the owner!

OK!Don't put him down.......just hope he doesn't get out,and come across a black child!

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That article is a lame excuse...the dog may be perfect ...but the owner is not.....For all i heard was dog see in Black and White and not necessarily in total color....Even a tanned White would look like a Black in the eyes of the dog..so does it bite?


Do not blame the poor dog..but rather shoot the owner down for stirring unhappiness in this world! LOL

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Think that is a urban myth xsaint.


Also blue 250, think you missed my point in my post. I was saying that police dogs and guard dogs are trained to attack, so therefore naturally they are dangerous dogs. But no one seems to be worried about those type of dogs. My friends dad trains police dogs and I know the lengths he's gone to keep them out of harms way. As you said, a police dog attacked an innocent man, did that dog be put down? It's all double standards, every dog is dangerous but just because a dog is possibly dangerous does not mean it should be put down.

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every dog is dangerous but just because a dog is possibly dangerous does not mean it should be put down.


Very true.....even a small dog can give you a "small" bite!


I think this subject was started as a bit of fun....aiming the guilty finger at the

ignorant owner!!..........they can be as dangerous as the dog.


But a dangerous dog owned by a nutter....keep out of the way!


But your right TrueBlue!.......99%of dogs are ok!.....and should not suffer for the 1%

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