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Everton Tickets Collecting


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Hey guys,


This time a topic non-related to valid tickets for upcoming games, but to the ones that already have been played.



My name is Piotr and I live in Lublin, a city in eastern part of Poland. Since 2004 one of my greatest hobbies has been collecting football tickets. I have loads of tickets (I haven't counted, but I guess that 1500 has already been reached - and still growing :) ) and would love to expand my collection.


Could any of you help me with that? It is not easy to find an English club's forum where people who actually go to matches post, as such ones as MU, LFC or CFC are really popular and have dozens of forums, however comprising mostly of "TV fans" - I am sure you know what I mean. I have finally found this one, but, flicking through your posts, I guess that you often have season tickets, which means no ticket stubs for single matches... I hope though that I will have luck and find someone who could help me :)


What in exchange? Well, I could:


* exchange tickets with you - I'll post my list in a while


* pay for the postage, if you are not collectors youselves. I could also add some money if you wanted (just for helping with the collection).

I have started up a PayPal account a few months ago. It seems a perfect way of transferring money to people from foreign countries, so I guess that would be the best idea.


I am waiting for your answers (hopefully there won't be "**** off you eastern european *****" or "I'll send you ticket stubs if you send me your sister" :) ) - will check the forum later.


Here goes my list of tickets - sorry for some Polish letters! Not all of them are for exchange, but I guess that I would be willing to swap most of them, except for the ones I got from my friends, brother and matches I have been to myself.


Bilety (liga polska, PP, PL)


- Amica Wronki-Polonia Warszawa 12.04.1997r

- Amica Wronki-Odra Wodzisław 13.05.1997r

- Amica Wronki-ŁKS Łódź 25.10.1997r

- Amica Wronki-Wisła Kraków 22.09.1999r (Superpuchar Polski)

- Amica Wronki-Legia Warszawa 10.08.2002r x2

- Amica Wronki-Wisła Kraków 27.09.2002r

- Amica Wronki-Polonia Warszawa 19.03.2003r

- Amica Wronki-Widzew Łódź 9.04.2003r

- Amica Wronki-Lech Poznań 15.08.2003r

- Amica Wronki-Groclin 18.10.2003r

- Amica Wronki-Górnik Łęczna 23.11.2003r

- Arka Gdynia

- Arka Gdynia-Śląsk Wrocław (baraż o II ligę)

- Arka Gdynia-Cracovia Kraków 10.04.2004r

- Arka Gdynia-Widzew Łódź 31.07.2004r

- Arka Gdynia-Korona Kielce 10.10.2004r

- Arka Gdynia-GKS Bełchatów 27.05.2005r

- Arka Gdynia-Legia Warszawa

- Arka Gdynia-Górnik Łęczna

- Broń Radom-Powiślanka Lipsko 26.03.2005r x3

- Broń Radom-Hutnik Warszawa 2.04.2005r x3

- Broń Radom-Mirax Bierwce 9.04.2005r x4

- Chrobry Głogów-Miedź Legnica 12.04.1997r

- Cracovia Kraków

- Cracovia Kraków-Unia Tarnów

- Cracovia Kraków-Unia Tarnów (inny)

- Cracovia Kraków-Skawinka

- Cracovia Kraków-Niedźwiedź

- Cracovia Kraków-Górnik Wieliczka

- Cracovia Kraków-Spartakus runda jesienna 1998/99

- Cracovia Kraków-Polonia Przemyśl runda jesienna 1999/00

- Cracovia Kraków-Błękitni Kielce runda jesienna 1999/00

- Cracovia Kraków-Motor Lublin 21.06.2003r x3

- Cracovia Kraków-Ruch Chorzów 17.08.2003r

- Cracovia Kraków-Arka Gdynia 30.08.2003r

- Cracovia Kraków-Zagłębie Lubin 20.09.2003r

- Cracovia Kraków-KSZO Ostrowiec 27.09.2003r

- Cracovia Kraków-GKS Bełchatów 12.10.2003r x2

- Cracovia Kraków-Aluminium Konin 25.10.2003r

- Cracovia Kraków-Tłoki Gorzyce 15.11.2003r x2

- Cracovia Kraków-RKS Radomsko 3.03.2004r

- Cracovia Kraków-Stasiak Opoczno 21.03.2004

- Cracovia Kraków-Jagiellonia Białystok 18.04.2004r

- Cracovia Kraków-Piast Gliwice 29.04.2004r

- Cracovia Kraków-Pogoń Szczecin 22.05.2004r

- Cracovia Kraków-ŁKS Łódź 2.06.2004r

- Cracovia Kraków-Górnik Polkowice 19.06.2004r

- Cracovia Kraków-Odra Wodzisław 21.08.2004r

- Cracovia Kraków-Górnik Zabrze 10.09.2004r

- Cracovia Kraków-Groclin 26.09.2004r

- Cracovia Kraków-Polonia Warszawa 15.10.2004 x3

- Cracovia Kraków-Górnik Łęczna 18.03.2005r

- Cracovia Kraków-Legia Warszawa 10.04.2005r

- Czuwaj Przemyśl-Cracovia Kraków 4.10.1997r

- GKS Bełchatów-Wisła Kraków 11.04.2000r

- GKS Bełchatów-Cracovia Kraków 15.05.2004r

- GKS Katowice-Legia Warszawa 25.10.1997r

- GKS Katowice-Wisła Kraków 12.09.1998r

- GKS Katowice-Polonia Warszawa 06.08.2000r

- GKS Katowice-Legia Warszawa 14.10.2004r

- GKS Katowice-Widzew Łódź 20.03.2004r

- GKS Katowice-Wisła Kraków 09.05.2004r

- GKS Katowice-Cracovia Kraków 30.10.2004r

- Górnik Łęczna (PP)

- Górnik Łęczna-Raków Częstochowa 04.03.2000r

- Górnik Łęczna-Śląsk Wrocław 08.04.2000r

- Górnik Łęczna-KP Konin 16.04.2000r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Stal Stalowa Wola 07.05.2000r

- Górnik Łęczna-Jeziorak Iława 20.05.2000r

- Górnik Łęczna-Włókniarz Kietrz 28.05.2000r

- Górnik Łęczna-Korona Kielce 17.06.2000r

- Górnik Łęczna-KSZO Ostrowiec 22.07.2000r (PL)

- Górnik Łęczna-Zagłębie Sosnowiec 12.08.2000r

- Górnik Łęczna-Stal Stalowa Wola 18.11.2000r

- Górnik Łęczna-Górnik Zabrze 07.03.2001r (1/4 PP)

- Górnik Łęczna-Świt NDM 31.03.2001r

- Górnik Łęczna-Ceramika Opoczno 09.05.2001r

- Górnik Łęczna-Lechia Gdańsk 19.05.2001r

- Górnik Łęczna-Polar Wrocław 16.06.2001r

- Górnik Łęczna-Tłoki Gorzyce 25.07.2001r (II runda PL)

- Górnik Łęczna-Tłoki Gorzyce 04.08.2001r

- Górnik Łęczna-GKS Bełchatów 18.08.2001r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Hutnik Kraków 22.08.2001r (III runda PL)

- Górnik Łęczna-Orlen Płock 01.09.2001r

- Górnik Łęczna-Jagiellonia Białystok 08.09.2001r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Hutnik Kraków 22.09.2001r

- Górnik Łęczna-Zagłębie Lubin 10.10.2001r (1/16 PP)

- Górnik Łęczna-Włókniarz Kietrz 13.10.2001r

- Górnik Łęczna-Hetman Zamość 24.10.2001r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Ryan Odra Opole 17.11.2001r

- Górnik Łęczna-Zagłębie Sosnowiec 24.03.2002r

- Górnik Łęczna-ŁKS Łódź 03.04.2002r

- Górnik Łęczna-Arka Gdynia 06.04.2002r

- Górnik Łęczna-Ruch Radzionków 27.04.2002r

- Górnik Łęczna-GKS Bełchatów 10.08.2002r

- Górnik Łęczna-Polar Wrocław 08.09.2002r

- Górnik Łęczna-Ceramika Opoczno 19.10.2002r

- Górnik Łęczna-Ruch Radzionków 31.10.2002r

- Górnik Łęczna-Piotrcovia 09.04.2003r

- Górnik Łęczna-Aluminium Konin 17.04.2003r

- Górnik Łęczna-Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała 10.05.2003r

- Górnik Łęczna-Zagłębie Lubin 15.06.2003r (mecz barażowy o awans do I ligi)

- Górnik Łęczna (mecz o mistrzostwo I ligi) x10

- Górnik Łęczna-Świt NDM 27.09.2003r

- Górnik Łęczna-Polonia Warszawa 04.10.2003r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Górnik Polkowice 25.10.2003r

- Górnik Łęczna-Górnik Zabrze 8.11.2003r

- Górnik Łęczna-Legia Warszawa 21.03.2004r

- Górnik Łęczna-Widzew Łódź 03.04.2004r

- Górnik Łęczna-Odra Wodzisław 17.04.2004r

- Górnik Łęczna-Amica Wronki 11.06.2004r

- Górnik Łęczna-Cracovia Kraków 7.08.2004r x4

- Górnik Łęczna-Odra Wodzisław 28.08.2004r

- Górnik Łęczna-Legia Warszawa 19.09.2004r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Górnik Zabrze 2.10.2004r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Polonia Warszawa 6.10.2004r x3 (PP)

- Górnik Łęczna-Lech Poznań 30.10.2004r

- Górnik Łęczna-Wisła Kraków 12.03.2005r

- Górnik Łęczna-Polonia Warszawa 23.03.2005r x4

- Górnik Łęczna-GKS Katowice 16.04.2005r

- Górnik Łęczna-Wisła Płock 01.05.2005r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Pogoń Szczecin 14.05.2005r x7

- Górnik Łęczna-Amica Wronki 25.05.2005r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Zagłębie Lubin 12.06.2005r x2

- Górnik Łęczna-Wisła Kraków 26.07.2005r x9

- Górnik Łęczna-Legia Warszawa 30.07.2005r x29

- Górnik Łęczna-Cracovia Kraków 10.09.2005r x9

- Górnik Łęczna-Lech Poznań 14.10.2005r

- Górnik Łęczna-GKS Bełchatów 29.07.2006r x5

- Górnik Łęczna-Arka Gdynia 19.08.2006r x3

- Górnik Łęczna-Wisła Kraków 17.09.2006r x5

- Górnik Polkowice-Cracovia Kraków (mecz barażowy o utrzymanie w II lidze)

- Górnik Zabrze-Odra Wodzisław jesień 2004r

- Górnik Zabrze-Zagłębie Lubin jesień 2004r

- Górnik Zabrze-Pogoń Szczecin jesień 2004r

- Górnik Zabrze-Wisła Kraków jesień 2004r

- Górnik Zabrze-Legia Warszawa sezon 2004/05 (PP)

- Górnik Zabrze-Amica Wronki wiosna 2005r

- Groclin-Widzew Łódź 22.11.2003r

- Groclin-Legia Warszawa 22.05.2004r

- Heko Czermno-Stal Rzeszów

- Hetman Zamość-Wisła Kraków 15.10.1995r

- Hetman Zamość-Wisła Kraków 9.11.1996r

- Hetman Zamość-Cracovia Kraków 08.03.1998r

- Hetman Zamość-Śląsk Wrocław 21.08.1999r

- Hetman Zamość-Hutnik Kraków 05.03.2000r

- Hetman Zamość-GKS Katowice 20.05.2000r

- Hetman Zamość-Lechia Gdańsk 30.07.2000r

- Hetman Zamość-Pogoń Szczecin 06.09.2000r (IV runda PL)

- Hetman Zamość-Odra Opole 17.03.2001r

- Hetman Zamość-Lech Poznań 31.03.2001r x2

- Hetman Zamość-KSZO Ostrowiec 05.05.2001r

- Hetman Zamość-Polar Wrocław 12.05.2001r

- Hetman II Zamość-Legion Tomaszowice 19.08.2001r

- Hetman Zamość-Włókniarz Kietrz 22.08.2001r (III runda PL)

- Hetman Zamość-Lechia Gdańsk 12.09.2001r (PP)

- Hetman Zamość-Zagłębie Lubin 02.10.2001r (IV runda PL) x2

- Hetman Zamość-Zagłębie Sosnowiec 06.10.2001r

- Hetman Zamość-Zagłębie Sosnowiec 07.10.2001r

- Hetman Zamość-ŁKS Łódź 20.10.2001r

- Hetman Zamość-Arka Gdynia 10.11.2001r x2

- Hetman Zamość-Ruch Radzionków 14.11.2001r

- Hetman Zamość-Jagiellonia Białystok 03.04.2002r

- Hetman Zamość-Śląsk Wrocław 10.08.2002r

- Hetman Zamość-Śląsk Wrocław 11.09.2002r (1/16 PP)

- Hetman Zamość-Pogoń Szczecin 30.10.2002r (1/8 PP)

- Hetman Zamość-Motor Lublin 30.05.2004r

- Hetman Zamość-Legia Warszawa (1/8 PP) x5

- Hutnik Kraków-Cracovia Kraków

- Hutnik Kraków-Wisła II Kraków jesień 2004

- Jagiellonia Białystok-Cracovia Kraków

- Jagiellonia Białystok-Aluminium Konin 12.05.2004r

- Jagiellonia Białystok-Widzew Łódź 05.09.2004r

- Jagiellonia Białystok-Szczakowianka Jaworzno 31.03.2005r

- Korona Kielce runda wiosenna 2003 x2

- Korona Kielce-Górnik Łęczna 29.07.2003r

- Korona Kielce-Ruch Chorzów 02.08.2003r

- Korona Kielce-Widzew Łódź 03.08.2004r (PP)

- Korona Kielce-Legia Warszawa 29.04.2006r

- KSZO Ostrowiec-Wisła Kraków 28.03.1998r

- Lech Poznań-Widzew Łódź 26.05.1999r

- Lech Poznań-Cracovia Kraków sezon 2004/05 jesień

- Lechia Gdańsk-Jagiellonia Białystok 30.07.2005r

- Legia Daewoo Warszawa x2

- Legia Warszawa wiosna 2000r

- Legia Warszawa-Polonia Warszawa 25.04.2000r (finał PL) x4

- Legia Warszawa wiosna 2002r

- Legia Warszawa-Polonia Warszawa runda jesienna 2002/03 x2

- Legia Warszawa-Widzew Łódź runda jesienna 2002/03

- Legia Warszawa-Amica Wronki 2003/04 jesień

- Legia Warszawa-Odra Wodzisław 2003/04 jesień

- Legia Warszawa-Jagiellonia Białystok 2003/04 jesień

- Legia Warszawa-Wisła Płock 2004/05

- Legia Warszawa-Pogoń Szczecin 2004/05

- Legia Warszawa-Polonia Warszawa 2004/05

- Legia Warszawa-Mazowsze Grójec 2004/05

- Legia Warszawa-Lech Poznań 2004/05

- Legia Warszawa-Wisła Kraków 2004/05 x2

- Legia Warszawa-Odra Wodzisław runda jesienna 2005/06

- Legia Warszawa-Korona Kielce 30.11.2005r (1/4 PP)

- Legia Warszawa-Arka Gdynia 03.12.2005r

- Legia Warszawa-Cracovia Kraków 29.07.2006r

- Legia Warszawa-Wisła Kraków 01.10.2006r

- Legionovia-Mlekovita Wysokie Mazowieckie 6.09.2003r

- Legionovia-Stal Głowno 17.09.2003r

- Legionovia-Znicz Pruszków 11.10.2003r

- Lewart Lubartów-Cracovia Kraków 11.08.2002r

- Lublinianka Lublin-Cracovia Kraków 01.04.2000r x2

- Lublinianka Lublin-Unia Tarnów 30.04.2000r

- ŁKS-Ptak Łódź-Legia Daewoo Warszawa 30.05.1998r

- ŁKS-Ptak Łódź-Widzew Łódź 14.11.1998r

- ŁKS Łódź-Jagiellonia Białystok 16.03.2002r

- ŁKS Łódź-Lech Poznań 5.05.2002r

- ŁKS Łódź-Pogoń Szczecin 11.09.2002r

- ŁKS Łódź-Pogoń Szczecin 2003/04

- ŁKS Łódź-Cracovia Kraków 8.11.2003r

- ŁKS Łódź-Zagłębie Sosnowiec 25.08.2004r (3.09.2004r?)

- ŁKS Łódź-Widzew Łódź 10.05.2006r x2

- Motor Lublin-Dominet Piaseczno 10.09.1994r

- Motor Lublin-Polonia Warszawa 9.10.1994r

- Motor Lublin-Hutnik Kraków 15.09.2002r

- Motor Lublin-Cracovia Kraków 6.11.2002r

- Motor Lublin-Sandecja Nowy Sącz sezon 2003/04 wiosna

- Odra Wodzisław-Zagłębie Lubin 18.03.2000r

- Odra Wodzisław-Legia Warszawa 01.04.2000r

- Odra Wodzisław-Śląsk Wrocław 31.03.2001r

- Odra Wodzisław-Legia Daewoo Warszawa 28.04.2001r

- Odra Wodzisław-GKS Katowice 21.07.2001r

- Odra Wodzisław-Polonia Warszawa 02.10.2001r

- Odra Wodzisław-Wisła Kraków 21.10.2001r

- Odra Wodzisław-Polonia Warszawa 27.10.2001r

- Odra Wodzisław-Wisła Kraków 18.11.2001r

- Odra Wodzisław-Polonia Warszawa 02.03.2002r

- Odra Wodzisław-Legia Warszawa 20.03.2002r

- Odra Wodzisław-Legia Warszawa 27.03.2002r (PL)

- Odra Wodzisław-Ruch Chorzów 20.04.2002r

- Odra Wodzisław-Pogoń Szczecin 04.05.2002r x2

- Odra Wodzisław-Ruch Chorzów 24.08.2002r

- Odra Wodzisław-Pogoń Szczecin 28.09.2002r

- Odra Wodzisław-GKS Katowice 10.11.2002r

- Odra Wodzisław-Zagłębie Lubin 09.04.2003r

- Odra Wodzisław-Legia Warszawa 19.04.2003r

- Odra Wodzisław-Górnik Zabrze 03.05.2003r

- Odra Wodzisław-Wisła Kraków 24.10.2003r

- Odra Wodzisław-GKS Katowice 03.04.2004r

- Odra Wodzisław-Górnik Zabrze 22.05.2004r

- Odra Wodzisław-Amica Wronki 31.07.2004r

- Odra Wodzisław-Zagłębie Lubin 07.08.2004r

- Odra Wodzisław-Legia Warszawa 11.09.2004r

- Odra Wodzisław-GKS Katowice 06.11.2004r

- Odra Wodzisław-Wisła Kraków 27.08.2005r

- Orlen Płock-Pogoń Szczecin 07.04.2001r

- Orlen Płock-Ruch Chorzów 09.05.2001r

- Orlen Płock-Szczakowianka Jaworzno 28.07.2001r

- Petrochemia Płock-Pogoń Szczecin 18.03.1995r

- Petrochemia Płock-Cracovia Kraków 19.05.1996r

- Petrochemia Płock-Górnik Łęczna 1.09.1996r

- Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała-Cracovia Kraków 04.10.2003r

- Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała-Korona Kielce 21.08.2004r

- Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała-Ruch Chorzów 11.09.2004r

- Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała-Widzew Łódź 25.09.2004r

- Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała-KSZO Ostrowiec 16.10.2004r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Raków Częstochowa 15.11.1997r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Polonia Bytom 2.08.2000r (PL)

- Pogoń Szczecin-Groclin 2.08.2003r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Cracovia Kraków 18.10.2003r (17.10.2003r?)

- Pogoń Szczecin-Wisła Kraków 11.09.2004r (2.09.2004r?)

- Pogoń Szczecin-Górnik Łęczna 16.10.2004r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Cracovia Kraków 13.11.2004r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Górnik Zabrze 19.03.2005r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Polonia Warszawa 23.04.2005r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Wisła Płock 7.05.2005r

- Polar Wrocław-Siarka Tarnobrzeg 22.04.2000r

- Polar Wrocław-Cracovia Kraków 13.03.2004r

- Polonia Greinplast Przemyśl-Cracovia Kraków 10.05.2003r

- Polonia Warszawa-Wisła Kraków

- Polonia Warszawa-Legia Daewoo Warszawa 23.10.1999r

- Polonia Warszawa-Legia Daewoo Warszawa 17.09.2000r

- Polonia Warszawa-Widzew Łódź 28.10.2000r

- Polonia Warszawa-Pogoń Szczecin 11.11.2000r

- Polonia Warszawa-Zagłębie Lubin 5.05.2001r

- Polonia Warszawa-Górnik Zabrze 27.05.2001r

- Polonia Warszawa-Górnik Zabrze wiosna 2004

- Polonia Warszawa-GKS Katowice wiosna 2004 x2

- Polonia Warszawa-Górnik Łęczna wiosna 2004

- Polonia Warszawa-Groclin wiosna 2004

- Polonia Warszawa-Widzew Łódź wiosna 2004

- Polonia Warszawa-Górnik Polkowice wiosna 2004

- Polonia Warszawa-Wisła Płock wiosna 2004

- Polonia Warszawa-Górnik Łęczna 21.08.2004r x7

- Polonia II Warszawa-Delta Warszawa 25.08.2004r x3

- Polonia Warszawa-GKS Katowice 28.08.2004r x4

- Polonia Warszawa-Pogoń Szczecin 18.09.2004r x2

- Polonia Warszawa-Korona Kielce 21.09.2004r (PP) x2

- Polonia Warszawa-Zagłębie Lubin 02.10.2004r x5

- Polonia Warszawa-Groclin 23.10.2004r x5

- Polonia Warszawa-Stal Mielec 26.10.2004r (PP) x5

- Polonia Warszawa-Odra Wodzisław 30.10.2004r x2

- Polonia Warszawa-Górnik Zabrze 13.11.2004r x7

- Polonia Warszawa-Górnik Łęczna 27.11.2004r (PP) x3

- Polonia Warszawa-Wisła Kraków 20.03.2005r

- Polonia Warszawa-Wisła Kraków 12.04.2005r

- Polonia Warszawa-Wisła Płock 16.04.2005r

- Polonia Warszawa-Amica Wronki 04.05.2005r

- Polonia Warszawa-Cracovia Kraków 13.05.2005r x3

- Polonia Warszawa-Legia Warszawa 25.05.2005r x3

- Polonia Warszawa-Wisła Płock 30.07.2005r

- Polonia Warszawa-Wisła Kraków 18.09.2005r

- Pomezania Malbork-Cracovia Kraków 25.05.1996r

- Pomezania Malbork-Jantar Ustka 18.10.1997r

- Resovia Rzeszów wiosna (napis z tyłu: Motor Lublin 2:0)

- RKS Radomsko-Bug Wyszków 7.09.1994r (1/16 PP)

- RKS Radomsko-Amica Wronki 11.05.2000r (1/2 PP)

- RKS Radomsko-Cracovia Kraków 23.08.2003r

- Rozwój Katowice-Czarni Żagań 01.06.2002r

- Rozwój Katowice-KS Myszków 30.03.2003r

- Rozwój Katowice-Promień Żary 15.05.2004r

- Ruch Chorzów-Polonia Warszawa 25.06.1997r

- Ruch Chorzów-Groclin 06.06.1998r

- Ruch Chorzów-Cracovia Kraków 27.03.2004r

- Ryan Odra Opole-KSZO Ostrowiec 02.09.2000r

- Sokół Nisko

- Stal Rzeszów-Resovia Rzeszów

- Stal Stalowa Wola 8.03.2000r

- Stomil Olsztyn-Polonia Warszawa 23.10.1996r

- Stomil Olsztyn-Hutnik Kraków 11.05.1997r

- Stomil Olsztyn-Groclin 20.08.1997r

- Stomil Olsztyn-Widzew Łódź 30.08.1997r

- Stomil Olsztyn-Polonia Warszawa 14.03.2001r

- Stomil Olsztyn-Legia Warszawa 5.05.2001r

- Stomil Olsztyn-Legia Warszawa 26.08.2001r

- Stomil Olsztyn-Ruch Chorzów 15.09.2001r

- Stomil Olsztyn-Widzew Łódź 23.03.2002r

- Śląsk Wrocław-Polonia Bytom 16.10.2005r

- Wawel Kraków-Cracovia Kraków

- Widzew Łódź-Stomil Olsztyn

- Widzew Łódź-Górnik

- Widzew Łódź 13.07.2002r / 27.07.2002r

- Widzew Łódź-Radomiak Radom 09.04.2004r

- Widzew Łódź-Ruch Chorzów 01.09.2004r

- Widzew Łódź-MKS Mława 30.10.2004r

- Widzew Łódź-Kujawiak Włocławek 13.11.2004r

- Widzew Łódź-GKS Bełchatów 31.03.2005r

- Widzew Łódź-Jagiellonia Białystok 20.04.2005r

- Widzew Łódź-Górnik Polkowice 23.04.2005r

- Widzew Łódź-Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała 07.05.2005r

- Widzew Łódź-Zagłębie Sosnowiec 01.06.2005r x2

- Widzew Łódź-ŁKS Łódź 08.06.2005r

- Widzew Łódź-Odra Wodzisław 16.06.2005r (mecz barażowy o awans do Idea Ekstraklasy)

- Widzew Łódź-Śląsk Wrocław 20.08.2005r

- Widzew Łódź-Lechia Gdańsk 25.03.2006r

- Widzew Łódź-Heko Czermno 8.04.2006r

- Widzew Łódź-Radomiak Radom 22.04.2006r

- Widzew Łódź-Polonia Bytom 06.05.2006r

- Widzew Łódź-Zawisza Bydgoszcz 31.05.2006r

- Widzew Łódź-Groclin 28.07.2006r

- Widzew Łódź-GKS Bełchatów 11.03.2007r

- Widzew Łódź-Wisła Płock 14.04.2007r

- Wisła Kraków (bardzo stary bilet GTS Wisły)

- Wisła Kraków 1998/99 x2

- Wisła Kraków-GKS Katowice

- Wisła Kraków-Legia Warszawa

- Wisła Kraków-Amica Wronki x2

- Wisła Kraków-Pogoń Szczecin x2

- Wisła Kraków-Stomil Olsztyn

- Wisła Kraków-Odra Wodzisław

- Wisła Kraków-Groclin

- Wisła Kraków-Górnik Zabrze

- Wisła Kraków-Polonia Warszawa

- Wisła Kraków-GKS Katowice

- Wisła Kraków-Zagłębie Lubin

- Wisła Kraków-Stomil Olsztyn

- Wisła Kraków-Odra Wodzisław

- Wisła Kraków-Amica Wronki

- Wisła Kraków-Ruch Radzionków 06.08.1999r

- Wisła Kraków-Polonia Warszawa 12.09.1999r

- Wisła Kraków-Polonia Warszawa 10.10.1999r (PL)

- Wisła Kraków-Polonia Warszawa 04.05.2000r (PP)

- Wisła Kraków-Amica Wronki 06.06.2000r (finał PP)

- Wisła Kraków-Legia Warszawa 26.11.2000r (PL)

- Wisła Kraków-Amica Wronki 21.03.2001r x2 (1/2 PL)

- Wisła Kraków-Górnik Zabrze sezon 2001/02 runda jesienna

- Wisła Kraków-Odra Wodzisław sezon 2001/02 runda jesienna

- Wisła Kraków-Polonia Warszawa sezon 2001/02 runda jesienna x2

- Wisła Kraków-Groclin sezon 2002/03 runda jesienna

- Wisła Kraków-Pogoń Szczecin 2002/03 runda jesienna x2

- Wisła Kraków-GKS Katowice 2002/03 runda jesienna

- Wisła Kraków-Ruch Chorzów 2002/03 runda jesienna

- Wisła Kraków-Stasiak Ceramika Opoczno 01.12.2002r (1/4 PP)

- Wisła Kraków-Polonia Warszawa runda wiosenna 2003

- Wisła Kraków-Widzew Łódź runda wiosenna 2003

- Wisła Kraków-Górnik Zabrze runda wiosenna 2003

- Wisła Kraków-Amica Wronki runda wiosenna 2003

- Wisła II Kraków-Hutnik Kraków 14.09.2003r

- Wisła Kraków-Świt NDM runda jesienna 2003

- Wisła Kraków-Górnik Łęczna runda jesienna 2003 x2

- Wisła Kraków-Lech Poznań runda jesienna 2003 x2

- Wisła Kraków-Wisła Płock runda jesienna 2003 x3

- Wisła Kraków-GKS Katowice runda jesienna 2003 x2

- Wisła Kraków-Górnik Zabrze runda jesienna 2003 x3

- Wisła Kraków-Groclin runda jesienna 2003 x2

- Wisła Kraków-Odra Wodzisław runda wiosenna 2004

- Wisła Kraków-Górnik Polkowice runda wiosenna 2004

- Wisła Kraków-Pogoń Szczecin runda wiosenna 2005 x4

- Wisła Kraków-Zagłębie Lubin 06.06.2005r (1/2 PP) x2

- Wisła Kraków-Groclin runda wiosenna 2005

- Wisła Kraków-Zagłębie Lubin (1/8 PP) x2

- Wisła Kraków-Lech Poznań jesień 2005r x2

- Wisła Kraków-Cracovia Kraków jesień 2005r

- Wisła Kraków-Legia Warszawa jesień 2005r

- Wisła Kraków-Amica Wronki 2005/06

- Wisła Kraków-Korona Kielce 2005/06

- Wisła Płock-Widzew Łódź 24.08.2002r

- Wisła Płock-Polonia Warszawa 15.03.2003r

- Wisła Płock-Wisła Kraków 25.05.2003r

- Wisła Płock-Polonia Warszawa 17.08.2003r

- Wisła Płock-Legia Warszawa 18.10.2003r

- Wisła Płock-Widzew Łódź 29.10.2003r x2

- Wisłoka Dębica-Motor Lublin 12.08.2006r (zaproszenie)

- Zagłębie Lubin-Wisła Kraków 16.10.2005r

- Zagłębie Sosnowiec

- Zagłębie Sosnowiec-Odra Opole 15.05.2004r

- Zagłębie Sosnowiec-Lech Zielona Góra 19.05.2004r

- Zagłębie Sosnowiec-Włókniarz Kietrz 29.05.2004r

- Zagłębie Sosnowiec-Widzew Łódź 24.10.2004r

- Zagłębie Sosnowiec-ŁKS Łódź 9.04.2005r

- Zagłębie Sosnowiec-KSZO Ostrowiec 11.06.2005r


Bilety (Europejskie puchary)


- AB-B36 10.08.2000r

- AC Milan-Bayern Monachium 08.03.2006r (Champions League)

- AC Milan-FC Barcelona 18.04.2006r (Champions League)

- AJ Auxerre-Rangers 23.11.2006r (UEFA Cup Group Phase)

- Amica Wronki-FC Vaduz 10.08.2000r

- Amica Wronki-TNS Llansantffraid 15.08.2002r x2

- Amica Wronki-Servette Genewa 01.10.2002r

- Anderlecht Bruksela-Borussia Dortmund 28.11.1990r

- Anderlecht Bruksela-AC Milan 24.11.1993r

- Anderlecht Bruksela-Wisła Kraków 13.08.2003r

- Arsenal-Panathinaikos Ateny 02.11.2004r (Champions League)

- Arsenal-Bayern Monachium 09.03.2005r

- Arsenal Group Stage One Match 1 (Champions League)

- Artmedia Bratislava-Rangers 01.11.2005r (Champions League)

- AS Nancy-Wisła Kraków 02.11.2006r

- AS Roma-Neuchatel Xamax 26.09.1995r (1 Turno Coppa UEFA)

- AS Roma-Dinamo Moskwa 10.09.1996r (1 Turno Coppa UEFA)

- AS Roma-AEK Ateny 12.11.2002r (Champions League)

- Atletico Madrid-Ankarangucu 16.09.1999r

- Atletico Madrid-Amica Wronki 21.10.1999r

- Austria Wiedeń-Legia Warszawa 16.09.2004r

- Bangor City-FC Sartid 15.08.2002r

- Bayern Monachium-Deportivo la Coruna 18.09.2002r

- Bayern Monachium-Celtic 17.09.2003r

- Bayern Monachium-Maccabi Tel-Aviv 23.11.2004r

- Benfica Lizbona-Anderlecht Bruksela 10.08.2004r (Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round)

- Benfica Lizbona-Dinamo Bukareszt 14.02.2007r (Puchar UEFA)

- Bordeaux-Club Brugge 11.03.2004r

- Borussia Dortmund-Anderlecht Bruksela 12.12.1990r

- Botew Płowdiw-Bolton Wanderers 29.09.2005r

- Celtic-Ajax Amsterdam 15.09.1982r (Champions League First Round First Leg)

- Celtic-Croatia Zagreb 12.08.1998r (UEFA Champions League Qualifier)

- Celtic-Ajax Amsterdam 22.08.2001r (Champions League Qualifier) x2

- Celtic-Liverpool 13.03.2002r (UEFA Cup Quarter-Final)

- Celtic-VFB Stuttgart 20.02.2003r (UEFA Cup Round 4)

- Celtic-Boavista 10.04.2003r (UEFA Cup Semi-Final)

- Celtic-FC Porto 21.05.2003r (finał Pucharu UEFA) + Paradise Windfall ticket

- Celtic-Lyon 30.09.2003r (Champions League) x2

- Celtic-Anderlecht Bruksela 05.11.2003r (Champions League)

- Celtic-Bayern Monachium 25.11.2003r (Champions League)

- Celtic-**** Teplice 26.02.2004r (UEFA Cup Round 3)

- Celtic-FC Barcelona 14.09.2004r (Champions League)

- Celtic-Szachtar Donieck 02.11.2004r (Champions League)

- Celtic-FC Copenhagen 26.09.2006r (Champions League) x2

- Celtic-Benfica Lizbona 17.10.2006r (Champions League)

- Celtic-Manchester United 21.11.2006r (Champions League)

- Celtic-AC Milan 20.02.2007r (Champions League 1/8 Final)

- Chelsea-AC Milan 15.09.1999r

- Chelsea-FC Porto 06.03.2007r (Champions League 1/8 Final)

- Chelsea-Valencia CF 04.04.2007r (Champions League 1/4 Final)

- Club Brugge-Chelsea 1994/95 (1/4 PZP)

- Czernomorec Odessa-Wisła Płock 10.08.2006r x2

- Dinamo Tbilisi-Wisła Kraków 30.09.2004r

- Dynamo Kijów-Inter Mediolan 10.12.2003r

- Dynamo Mińsk-Odra Wodzisław 27.07.2004r

- FC Barcelona-Celtic 25.03.2004r (UEFA Cup)

- FC Porto-IFK Gothenburg 21.04.1993r

- FC Porto-ŁKS Łódź 15.09.1994r

- FC Superfund-Zenit St.Petersburg 11.08.2004r

- FC Tiraspol-Lech Poznań 01.07.2006r

- Feyenoord Rotterdam-Wisła Kraków 13.12.2006r

- Grasshoppers Zurych-Wisła Płock 11.08.2005r

- Grazer AK-AZ Alkmaar 15.12.2004r

- Grazer AK (?) 20.12.2004r

- Grazer AK-Middlesbrough 16.02.2005r

- Groclin-Atlantas Kłajpeda 14.08.2003r

- Groclin-Manchester City 27.11.2003r

- Groclin-Bordeaux 26.02.2004r x2

- Groclin-Dukla Banska Bystrzyca 11.08.2005r

- Hearts-NK Siroki Brijeg 26.07.2006r (II runda kwalifikacji do LM)

- Hearts-AEK Ateny 09.08.2006r x2 (III runda kwalifikacji do LM)

- HJK-Glentoran FC 23.07.2003r

- HJK-MTK Hungaria FC 06.08.2003r

- HJK-Linfield FC 21.07.2004r

- IF Hafnafjoerdur-Legia Warszawa 26.07.2006r

- Inter Mediolan-Spartak Moskwa 21.10.1998r

- Inter Mediolan-Real Madryt 25.11.1998r

- Inter Mediolan-Sochaux 03.03.2004r

- Iraklis Saloniki-Wisła Kraków 28.09.2006r

- Kelag Karnten-Feyenoord Rotterdam 16.10.2003r

- Lech Poznań-Terek Grozny 2004/05 jesień

- Lech Poznań-Karvan Yevlakh 2004/05 wiosna

- Lech Poznań-RC Lens 2004/05 wiosna

- Lech Poznań-FC Tiraspol

- Legia Warszawa-Valencia CF 18.10.2001r

- Legia Warszawa-FC Utrecht

- Legia Warszawa-Schalke 04

- Legia Warszawa-FC Zurich

- Legia Warszawa-Szachtar Donieck 23.08.2006r

- Liverpool-Bordeaux 31.10.2006r (Champions League)

- ŁKS Łódź-Kapaz Ganja 22.07.1998r x2

- ŁKS Łódź-Monaco 15.09.1998r

- Manchester United-Legia Warszawa 24.04.1991r (Cup Winners Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg)

- Manchester United-NK Zagreb/Zalaegerszegi 27.08.2002r

- Manchester United-VFB Stuttgart 9.12.2003r

- Manchester United-AC Milan 23.02.2005r

- Manchester United-Lille 07.03.2007r (Champions League 1/8 Final)

- Manchester United-AS Roma 10.04.2007r (Champions League Quarter Final)

- Manchester United-AC Milan 24.04.2007r (Champions League Semi Final)

- Maribor Teatanic-Wisła Kraków 15.09.1998r

- Matador Puchov-Bordeaux 03.10.2002r

- Metalurg Donieck-Lazio Rzym 16.09.2004r

- Molde ****-Rayo Vallecano 14.09.2000r

- Neuchatel Xamax-AJ Auxerre 15.10.2003r

- Newtown FC-Wisła Kraków 22.07.1998r (UEFA Cup)

- Odra Wodzisław-Shamrock Rovers 21.06.2003r

- Odra Wodzisław-Dynamo Mińsk 20.06.2004r x2

- Olympiacos Pireus-Liverpool 28.09.2004r

- Omonia Nikozja-Wisła Kraków 6.08.2003r

- Palmeiras-Deportivo Tachira (Venezuela) 10.03.2005r (Copa Toyota Libertadores da America 2005)

- Panathinaikos Ateny-Wisła Kraków 23.08.2005r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Tiligul Tiraspol 25.06.2005r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Sigma Ołomuniec 9.07.2005r x2

- Polonia Warszawa-Dynamo Moskwa (zaproszenie)

- Polonia Warszawa-FC Kopenhaga 10.07.1999r

- Polonia Warszawa-Vasas Budapeszt 17.07.1999r

- Polonia Warszawa-Dinamo Bukareszt 02.08.2000r

- Polonia Warszawa-Panathinaikos Ateny 9.08.2000r

- Polonia Warszawa-Twente Enschede 13.09.2001r

- Polonia Warszawa-Sliema Wanderers 29.08.2002r

- Polonia Warszawa-FC Porto 03.10.2002r

- Polonia Warszawa-Toboł Kostanay 22.06.2003r

- PSV Eindhoven-Leeds United 31.10.1995r

- Rangers-Strasbourg 30.09.1997r (UEFA Cup 1st Round 2nd Leg)

- Rangers-Fenerbahce 08.08.2001r (Champions League Third Round First Leg)

- Rangers-Anzhi Machaczkala 27.09.2001r (UEFA Cup 1st Round 2nd Leg)

- Rangers-AJ Auxerre 15.12.2004r (UEFA Cup Group Game)

- Rangers-Partizan Belgrad 14.12.2006r (UEFA Cup)

- Rangers-Osasuna 08.03.2007r (UEFA Cup Round of 16)

- RC Lens-Lech Poznań 03.07.2005r

- RC Lens-CFR Cluj 23.08.2005r

- Ruch Chorzów-Inter Mediolan 14.09.2000r

- Rosenborg Trondheim-Bohemians 06.08.2003r

- Rosenborg Trondheim-Benfica Lizbona 03.03.2004r

- Slavia Praga-OFI Kreta 09.11.2000r

- Slovan Liberec-Schalke 04 24.08.2004r

- Stahl Sports Club-Galatasaray Stambuł 18.09.1991r x4

- Synot-Rennes 21.07.2001r

- Szachtar Donieck-Borussia Dortmund 7.08.2001r

- SV Mattersburg-Wisła Kraków 10.08.2006r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Dinamo Bukareszt 14.12.2006r (UEFA Cup Group Stage)

- Tottenham Hotspur-Sevilla 12.04.2007r (UEFA Cup 1/4 Final)

- Udinese-Polonia Warszawa

- Widzew Łódź-Broendby Kopenhaga 7.08.1996r x2

- Widzew Łódź-Atletico Madryt 25.09.1996r

- Widzew Łódź-AC Fiorentina

- Widzew Łódź-Neftchi Baku

- Widzew Łódź-Skonto Ryga

- Widzew Łódź-Litex Łowecz x2

- Wisła Kraków-Newton AFC 29.07.1998r

- Wisła Kraków-Trabzonspor 11.08.1998r x2

- Wisła Kraków-Maribor Teatanic 29.09.1998r

- Wisła Kraków-FC Barcelona 08.08.2001r

- Wisła Kraków-Inter Mediolan 30.10.2001r

- Wisła Kraków-Zeljeznicar Sarajevo 24.08.2000r

- Wisła Kraków-FC Porto 26.10.2000r

- Wisła Kraków-Glentoran FC 29.08.2002r

- Wisła Kraków-Schalke 04 28.11.2002r x2 + karta jednorazowa na okaziciela

- Wisła Kraków-Omonia Nikozja 30.07.2003r

- Wisła Kraków-Anderlecht Bruksela 26.08.2003r

- Wisła Kraków-NEC Nijmegen 25.09.2003r

- Wisła Kraków-Valerenga Oslo 27.11.2003r

- Wisła Kraków-WIT Georgia Tbilisi x4

- Wisła Kraków-Real Madryt

- Wisła Kraków-Dinamo Tbilisi

- Wisła Kraków-Vitoria Guimaraes

- Wisła Kraków-SV Mattersburg 24.08.2006r

- Wisła Płock-**** Ventspils 28.08.2003r

- Wisła Płock-Grasshoppers Zurych 25.08.2005r x14

- Wisła Płock-Czernomorec Odessa 24.08.2006r

- Valencia CF-Hamburger SV 23.08.2005r x4

- VFB Stuttgart-Rangers 26.11.2003r (Champions League Group Phase)

- Viktoria Zizkov-Betis Sevilla 29.10.2002r

- Zagłębie Lubin-AC Milan 26.09.1995r

- Zagłębie Lubin-Slaven Belupo 01.07.2000r

- Zagłębie Lubin-Hibernians FC 17.06.2001r x2

- Zagłębie Lubin-Sporting Lokeren 01.07.2001r

- Zagłębie Lubin-Dinaburg Daugavpils 23.06.2002r


Bilety (ligi zagraniczne)


- Aberdeen-Celtic 24.01.2004r

- Aberdeen-Rangers 22.09.2004r (CIS Insurance League Cup)

- AC Parma-Brescia Calcio

- AC Parma-Bologna

- AC Parma-Udinese

- AC Parma-Inter Mediolan

- Anderlecht Bruksela-KAA Gent 05.05.1999r

- Anderlecht Bruksela-Excelsior Mouscron 08.07.2004r

- Apollon Limassol-APOEL Nicosia 05.08.2006r

- Arsenal-Southampton 06.05.1985r x2

- Arsenal-Wimbledon 06.05.1995r

- Arsenal-Oxford United 04.01.2003r (FA Cup)

- Arsenal-Southampton 17.05.2003r (The FA Cup Final)

- Arsenal-Cardiff 07.01.2006r (FA Cup 3rd Round)

- Arsenal-Tottenham Hotspur 31.01.2007r (Carling Cup Semi Final)

- Arsenal-Manchester United 14.03.2007r (FA Youth Cup Semi Final 1st Leg)

- AS Roma-Atalanta Bergamo 07.12.1997r

- Aston Villa-West Ham United 03.04.1999r

- Aston Villa-Southampton 10.04.1999r

- Aston Villa-Leeds United 08.04.2000r

- Aston Villa-Sunderland 29.04.2000r

- Aston Villa-Leeds United 18.10.2000r

- Aston Villa-Manchester City 16.12.2000r

- Aston Villa-Everton 14.04.2001r

- Aston Villa-Tottenham Hotspur 14.10.2006r

- Atlante-Tecos 29.08.2004r

- Barnsley-Leeds United 04.11.2006r

- Benfica Lizbona-Boavista 16.01.2005r

- Benfica Lizbona-Gil Vicente 12.03.2005r

- Benfica Lizbona-Belenenses 2006/07

- Benfica Lizbona-Uniao Leiria 21.01.2007r (Taca de Portugal)

- Beveren-Lierse 30.01.1999r

- Birmingham City-Southampton 12.05.1984r

- Blackburn Rovers-Tottenham Hotspur 05.11.1994r

- Blackburn Rovers-Middlesbrough 26.12.2003r

- Borussia Dortmund-HSV Hamburg 02.11.2003r

- Bournemouth-Brighton&Hove Albion 01.01.2007r

- Brighton&Hove Albion-Millwall 22.02.2003r

- Brighton&Hove Albion-Chesterfield 16.09.2003r

- Brighton&Hove Albion-Barnsley 24.01.2004r

- Brighton&Hove Albion-Brentford 02.03.2004r

- Brighton&Hove Albion-Queens Park Rangers 18.09.2004r

- Brighton&Hove Albion-Sheffield United 02.10.2004r

- Brighton&Hove Albion-Preston North End 11.03.2006r

- Brighton&Hove Albion-Nottingham Forest 17.02.2007r

- Brighton&Hove Albion-Scunthorpe United 17.03.2007r

- Celtic-Rangers 01.11.1986r

- Celtic-Rangers 04.04.1987r

- Celtic-Greenock Morton 24.01.1998r (Tennent's Scottish Cup 3rd Round)

- Celtic-Airdrieonians 23.01.1999r (Tennent's Scottish Cup 3rd Round)

- Celtic-St Johnstone 14.03.2001r

- Celtic-St Mirren 25.01.2003r (Tennent's SFA Cup) x2

- Celtic-Rangers 16.03.2003r (CIS Insurance Cup Final Tie)

- Celtic-Rangers 07.03.2004r (Tennent's Scottish Cup 5th Round)

- Celtic-Rangers 09.01.2005r (Tennent's Scottish Cup Round 3)

- Celtic-Rangers 20.02.2005r

- Celtic-Dundee United 28.05.2005r (Tennent's Scottish Cup Final)

- Celtic-Rangers 09.11.2005r (CIS Insurance League Cup Round 4)

- Celtic-**** 7.11.2006r

- Charleroi-Anderlecht Bruksela 25.03.1994r

- Charlton-Swindon Town 28.11.1997r

- Charlton-Tottenham Hotspur 07.05.2007r

- Chelsea-Tottenham Hotspur (bardzo stary)

- Chelsea-Newcastle United

- Chelsea-Newcastle United

- Chelsea-Newcastle United

- Chelsea-Tottenham Hotspur

- Chelsea-Newcastle United 22.03.2006r (FA Cup 6th round) x2

- Chelsea-Liverpool 13.08.2006r (The FA Community Shield)

- Chelsea-Aston Villa 08.11.2006r (Carling Cup 4th Round)

- Chelsea-Macclesfield Town 06.01.2007r (FA Cup 3rd round)

- Chelsea-Nottingham Forest 28.01.2007r (FA Cup 4th round)

- Chelsea-Blackburn Rovers 31.01.2007r

- Chelsea-Norwich City 17.02.2007r (FA Cup 5th Round)

- Chelsea-Arsenal 25.02.2007r (Carling Cup Final) x2

- Chelsea-Tottenham Hotspur 11.03.2007r (FA Cup 6th Round) x2

- Chelsea-Tottenham Hotspur 07.04.2007r

- Chicago Fire-DC United 09.11.2003r

- Coventry City-Tottenham Hotspur 27.12.1986r

- Crystal Palace-Aston Villa 24.03.1990r

- Derby County-Tottenham Hotspur 20.12.1987r

- Dundee-Celtic 06.04.2003r

- Dundee-Dundee Utd. 6.11.2004r

- Dundee-Celtic 28.11.2004r x2

- Dundee-Aberdeen 18.12.2004r

- Dundee United or Ayr United-Celtic 23.03.2002r (Tennent's Scottish Cup Semi-Final Tie)

- Dundee United-Rangers 29.02.2004r

- Dundee United-Celtic 03.10.2004r

- Dundee United-Celtic 14.10.2006r

- Dundee United-Rangers 05.11.2006r

- Dunfermline-Rangers 16.05.2004r

- Dunfermline-Rangers 20.09.2006r (The CIS Insurance Cup)

- Dunfermline-Rangers 07.01.2007r (The Tennent's Scottish Cup 3rd Round)

- Dunfermline-Rangers 21.01.2007r

- Eintracht Frankfurt-1. FC Saarbrucken 1990/91

- Everton-Arsenal 23.08.1995r

- Everton-Middlesbrough 06.11.2005r

- ****-Hearts 13.11.2006r

- FC Barcelona-Athletic Bilbao 2004/05 x2

- FC Den Bosch 1992/93

- FC St.Pauli-Kickers Emden 2005/06

- Feyenoord Rotterdam-NAC Breda 03.03.2005r (Amstelcup 2004/2005)

- Fulham-Tottenham Hotspur 20.01.2007r x2

- Fulham-Tottenham Hotspur 18.02.2007r (FA Cup 5th Round)

- Galatasaray Stambuł-Besiktas

- Grazer AK-Sturm Graz 27.02.2005r

- Hartlepool United-Whitby Town 08.11.2003r (FA Cup 1st Round)

- Hearts-Celtic 19.04.2003r

- Hearts-Celtic 06.08.2006r

- Hertha Berlin-Bayer 04 2002/03

- Hertha Berlin-Borussia M'gladbach 2002/03

- Hertha Berlin-TSV 1860 Monachium 2002/03

- Hertha Berlin-Energie Cottbus 2002/03

- Hertha Berlin-1.FC Nurnberg 2002/03

- Hertha Berlin-VFL Bochum 2002/03

- Hertha Berlin-1.FC Koln 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-Hansa Rostock 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-VFB Stuttgart 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-Werder Brema 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-TSV 1860 Monachium 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-Borussia Dortmund 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-VFL Wolfsburg 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-Hannover 96 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-Borussia M'gladbach 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-Bayer 04 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-Kaiserslautern 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-VFL Bochum 2003/04

- Hertha Berlin-Schalke 04 2003/04

- Hibernian-Celtic 06.03.2005r

- Hibernian-Rangers 17.09.2006r

- Hibernian-Hearts 15.10.2006r

- Hibernian-Aberdeen 18.01.2007 (Tennent's Scottish Cup 3rd Round Replay)

- HSV Hamburg-VFL Wolfsburg 21.11.2004r

- Ipswich Town-Southampton 21.02.1984r

- Juventus Turyn-Padova 1995/96

- Juventus Turyn-Torino 05.04.2003r

- KAA Gent-Lierse 19.08.1995r

- Kalmar FF-Djurgardens IF 31.07.2004r

- Kilmarnock-Celtic 14.08.2004r

- Kilmarnock-Rangers 19.12.2004r

- Leeds United-Huddersfield Town 24.08.2004r (Carling Cup First Round)

- Leeds United-Birmingham City 23.09.2006r

- Leeds United-Southend United 28.10.2006r

- Leeds United-Derby County 09.12.2006r

- Leeds United-Coventry City 01.01.2007r

- Leeds United-West Bromwich Albion 20.01.2007r

- Leeds United-Port Vale 31.01.2007r

- Leeds United-Crystal Palace 10.02.2007r

- Leeds United-Queens Park Rangers 20.02.2007r

- Leeds United-Luton Town 10.03.2007r

- Leeds United-Stoke City 04.04.2007r

- Leeds United-Burnley 14.04.2007r

- Leeds United-Ipswich Town 28.04.2007r

- Leeds United (Coca-Cola CHampionship Play-offs Semi Final Home Leg)

- Leyton Orient-Southampton 26.01.1985r (FA Challenge Cup Round 4)

- Lierse-Genk 18.05.1997r

- Lierse-Anderlecht Bruksela 06.04.2003r

- Liverpool-Southampton 10.11.1984r

- Liverpool-Wigan Athletic 03.12.2005r

- Liverpool-Manchester United 18.02.2006r (FA Cup 5th Round)

- Liverpool-Everton 25.03.2006r

- Liverpool-Aston Villa 29.04.2006r

- Liverpool-Newcastle United 20.09.2006r

- Liverpool-Reading 25.10.2006r (Carling Cup 3rd Round)

- Liverpool-Arsenal 19.12.2006r (Carling Cup 5th Round)

- Liverpool-Everton 03.02.2007r

- Liverpool-Manchester United 03.03.2007r

- Livingston-Rangers 07.11.2004r

- Livingston-Rangers 26.10.2005r

- Luton Town-Southampton 08.09.1984r

- Lyon-Paris SG 02.10.1996r

- Manchester City-Chelsea 30.04.1994r

- Manchester United-Exeter City 8.01.2005r (FA Cup 3rd round)

- Manchester United-Chelsea 26.01.2005r (Carling Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg)

- Manchester United-Middlesbrough 19.03.2007r (FA Cup 6th Round Replay)

- Middlesbrough-Arsenal 06.05.1989r

- Middlesbrough-Wolverhampton Wanderers 19.08.1989r

- Middlesbrough-Manchester United 03.10.1992r

- Middlesbrough-Blackburn Rovers 21.12.2005r (Carling Cup 5th Round)

- Middlesbrough-Blackburn Rovers 26.12.2005r

- Middlesbrough-Nuneaton Borough 17.01.2006r (FA Cup 3rd Round Replay)

- Middlesbrough-Coventry City 08.02.2006r (FA Cup 4th Round Replay)

- Middlesbrough-Charlton 12.04.2006r (FA Cup 6th Round Replay)

- Middlesbrough-Chelsea 23.08.2006r

- Middlesbrough-Notts County 20.09.2006r (Carling Cup Round 2)

- Millwall-Charlton 08.04.1995r

- Millwall-Brighton&Hove Albion 01.04.2006r

- Motherwell-Celtic 21.12.2003r

- Motherwell-Celtic 12.05.2004r

- Motherwell-Celtic 01.02.2006r (The CIS Insurance Cup Semi Final Tie)

- Motherwell-Rangers 30.07.2006r

- Motherwell-Celtic 30.12.2006r

- Newcastle United-Chelsea 15.05.2005r

- NK Osijek-Hajduk Split 04.10.1998r

- Notts County-Middlesbrough 08.01.2005r (FA Cup 3rd Round)

- Olympiacos Pireus-Kallithea 19.09.2004r

- Olympiacos Pireus-Ionikos 03.04.2005r

- Olympiacos Pireus-Aigaleo 24.04.2005r

- Olympiacos Pireus-Panionios 15.05.2005r

- Olympiacos Pireus-OFI Kreta 05.03.2006r

- Oxford United-Tottenham Hotspur 04.01.1986r (FA Cup 3rd Round)

- Palmeiras 08.07.1987r

- Palmeiras 26.XX.1992r

- Palmeiras-Vitoria

- Palmeiras-Gremio FBPA 30.10.1993r

- Palmeiras-Sport (PE) 05.11.2003r

- Palmeiras-Atletico MG 24.07.2005r

- Palmeiras-Bragantino 10.02.2007r

- Paris SG-Caen 29.08.1992r

- Partick Thistle-Celtic 04.12.2003r (CIS Insurance Cup - Third Round)

- Partick Thistle-Rangers 01.02.2004r

- Portsmouth-Southampton

- Queens Park Rangers-Tottenham Hotspur 06.10.1990r

- Queens Park Rangers-Carlisle United 05.10.1994r (Coca Cola Cup 2nd Round 2nd leg)

- Queens Park Rangers-Brighton&Hove Albion 17.01.2004r

- Queens Park Rangers-Brighton&Hove Albion 01.01.2005r

- Queen Of The South-Hibernian 24.02.2007r (Tennent's Scottish Cup Quarter Final)

- Rangers-Kilmarnock 08.01.1994r

- Rangers-St.Johnstone 21.03.1998r

- Rangers-Hibernian 01.04.1998r

- Hearts-Rangers 25.04.1998r (S.F.L. Away Match Transmission)

- Rangers-Kilmarnock 02.05.1998r

- Rangers-Dundee 20.02.1999r

- Rangers-**** 07.03.1999r (Tennent's Scottish Cup 5th Round)

- Rangers-Motherwell 13.03.1999r

- Rangers-Dundee United 20.03.1999r

- Rangers-Dunfermline 14.04.1999r

- Rangers-Aberdeen 25.04.1999r

- Rangers-Hearts 09.05.1999r

- Rangers-Hearts 12.03.2000r (Tennent's Scottish Cup 5th Round)

- Rangers-Motherwell 18.03.2000r

- Rangers-Dundee United 04.04.2000r

- Rangers-Ayr United 08.04.2000r (Tennent's Scottish Cup Semi-Final Tie)

- Rangers-Dundee 30.04.2000r

- Rangers-Hearts 13.05.2000r

- Rangers-Kilmarnock 12.05.2001r

- Rangers-Hibernian 20.05.2001r

- Rangers-Livingston 04.08.2001r

- Rangers-Hibernian 18.08.2001r

- Rangers-Dundee 26.08.2001r

- Rangers-Airdrie 09.10.2001r (C.I.S. Insurance Cup 3rd Round)

- Rangers-Kilmarnock 13.10.2001r

- Rangers-Dunfermline 17.11.2001r

- Rangers-Celtic 05.02.2002r (The CIS Insurance Cup Semi Final)

- Rangers-Motherwell 19.10.2002r

- Rangers-Dunfermline 09.04.2003r (Tennent's Scottish Cup)

- Rangers-Kilmarnock 09.08.2003r

- Rangers-Celtic 04.10.2003r

- Rangers-Hibernian 05.02.2004r (The CIS Insurance Cup Semi Final Tie)

- Rangers-Celtic 20.11.2004r

- Rangers-Dundee United 02.02.2005r (The CIS Insurance Cup Semi Final Tie) x2

- Rangers-Motherwell 20.03.2005r (The CIS Insurance Cup Final)

- Rangers-Celtic 24.04.2005r

- Rangers-Celtic 20.08.2005r

- RC Lens-Olympique Marseille 06.08.2005r

- RC Lens-AJ Auxerre 20.08.2005r

- Real Madryt-Malaga 2002/03

- Real Madryt-Espanyol 2004/05

- Santos Laguna-Tecos 25.02.2004r

- Sao Paulo-Palmeiras 04.08.2005r

- Sheffield United-Stockport 18.03.2000r

- Sheffield United-Walsall 13.04.2002r

- Sheffield United-Leeds United 6.11.2002r

- Sheffield United-Leeds United 29.08.2004r

- Sheffield Wednesday 11.03.1984r (FA Cup 6th Round)

- Sheffield Wednesday-Tottenham Hotspur 22.02.1986r

- Slovan Liberec-Slavia Praga 21.03.2001r

- Southampton-Newcastle United 17.08.1985r

- Southampton-Aston Villa 27.08.1985r

- Southampton-Manchester City 07.09.1985r

- Southampton-Coventry City 21.09.1985r

- Southampton-Arsenal 19.03.1994r

- Southampton-Portsmouth 07.01.1996r (FA Cup Third Round)

- Southampton-Manchester United 31.08.2003r

- Southampton-Chelsea 22.11.2003r

- Sturm Graz-Rapid Wiedeń 07.08.2003r

- Swansea City-Carlisle United 02.04.2006r (THe Football League Trophy)

- Swindon Town-Brighton&Hove Albion 28.12.2003r

- SV Kapfenberg-DSV Leoben

- SV Kapfenberg-Kelag Karnten x3

- SV Kapfenberg-Austria Lustenau x4

- SV Salzburg-Rapid Wiedeń

- Tottenham Hotspur-Southampton 23.03.1985r

- Tottenham Hotspur-West Ham United 26.12.1985r

- Tottenham Hotspur-West Ham United 02.02.1987r (Littlewoods Cup 5th Round Replay)

- Tottenham Hotspur-Southampton 14.02.1987r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal 01.03.1987(?)r (Littlewoods Semi Final 2nd Leg)

- Tottenham Hotspur-Chelsea 22.08.1987r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Manchester United 01.10.1988r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Middlesbrough 17.10.1992r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Ipswich Town 19.03.1994r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Newcastle United 25.04.1998r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Wimbledon 22.04.2000r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Derby County 29.04.2000r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Leicester City 09.02.2002r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Sheffield United 22.08.2006r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Port Vale 08.11.2006r (Carling Cup)

- Tottenham Hotspur-Middlesbrough 05.12.2006r

- Tottenham Hotspur-Cardiff City 17.01.2007r (FA Cup)

- Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal 24.01.2007r (Carling Cup Semi Final 1st Leg) x2

- Tottenham Hotspur-Southend United 27.01.2007r (FA Cup)

- Trabzonspor-Gaziantepspor 11.09.2005r

- Utrecht-Roda JC 1990/91

- Watford-Southampton 24.04.1984r

- Watford-Newcastle United 10.03.1990r

- Watford-Manchester United 14.04.2007r (FA Cup Semi-Final 2007, Villa Park, Birmingham)

- West Bromwich Albion-Newcastle United 01.11.1989r

- West Ham United-Southampton 22.12.1984r

- West Ham United-Brighton&Hove Albion 13.11.2004r

- West Ham United-Brighton&Hove Albion 06.01.2007r

- West Ham United-Tottenham Hotspur 04.03.2007r

- Wycombe Wanderers-Chelsea 10.01.2007r (Carling Cup)

- Valmieras **** x2


Bilety (reprezezentacja)


- Anglia U-21 - Finlandia U-21 16.10.1984r

- Anglia-Bułgaria 10.10.1998r

- Anglia-Polska 27.03.1999r

- Anglia-Polska 12.10.2005r

- Belgia-Polska 30.04.2003r

- Białoruś-Szkocja 08.10.2005r

- Cypr-Malta 20.11.2002r

- Dania-Polska 16.08.2006r x2

- Ekwador-Polska 13.11.2005r

- Estonia-Taani Maavoistlus 30.05.2004r

- Grecja-Francja 25.06.2004r (Euro 2004)

- Kazachstan-Albania 13.10.2004r

- Kostaryka-Jamajka+Meksyk-Trynidad i Tobago 02.02.2004r

- Luksemburg-Malta 06.09.1995r

- Luksemburg-Białoruś 11.10.1995r

- Luksemburg-Rosja 10.11.1996r

- Luksemburg-Polska 09.06.1999r

- Niemcy-Polska 10.10.1981r (

- Niemcy-Polska 14.06.2006r (MŚ 2006)

- Polska-Rumunia 6.09.1995r

- Polska-Izrael 18.08.1998r

- Polska-Luksemburg 10.10.1998r

- Polska-Armenia 03.03.1999r

- Polska-Szwecja 31.03.1999r

- Polska-Bułgaria 04.06.1999r x2

- Polska-Anglia 08.09.1999r

- Polska-Radomiak Radom 04.10.2000r

- Polska-Białoruś 07.10.2000r

- Polska-Walia 11.10.2000r

- Polska-Islandia 15.11.2000r

- Polska-Armenia 28.03.2001r

- Polska-Ukraina 06.10.2001r

- Polska-Japonia 27.03.2002r

- Polska-Rumunia 17.04.2002r

- Polska-Łotwa 12.10.2002r

- Polska-San Marino 02.04.2003r

- Polska-Szwecja 10.09.2003r

- Polska-Włochy 12.11.2003r

- Polska-Serbia i Czarnogóra 16.11.2003r

- Polska-USA 31.03.2004r

- Polska-Grecja 29.05.2004r

- Polska-Irlandia Północna 30.03.2005r

- Polska-Albania 29.05.2005r

- Polska-Ekwador 09.06.2006r x3 (MŚ 2006)

- Polska-Islandia 7.10.2005r

- Polska-Finlandia 02.09.2006r (Mecz Eliminacyjny Mistrzostw Europy 2008)

- Portugalia-Anglia 24.06.2004r (Euro 2004)

- Portugalia-Belgia 24.03.2007r (Euro 2008 Qualifying Game)

- Serbia i Czarnogóra-Walia 02.04.2003r

- Szkocja-San Marino 15.11.1995r (Euro 96 Qualifying Match)

- Szkocja-Łotwa 11.10.1997r (World Cup 1998 Qualifying Tie)

- Szkocja-Dania 25.03.1998r

- Szkocja-Francja 29.03.2000r

- Szkocja-Chorwacja 01.09.2001r (FIFA World Cup Qualifying Match)

- Szkocja-Łotwa 06.10.2001r (FIFA World Cup Qualifying Match)

- Szkocja-Węgry 18.08.2004r (Safeway International Challenge Match)

- Szkocja-Mołdawia 04.06.2005r (FIFA World Cup Qualifying Match)

- Szkocja-USA 12.11.2005r

- Włochy-Maroko 05.09.2001r


Bilety (mecze towarzyskie i pożegnalne)


- Avia Świdnik-Cracovia Kraków (mecz z okazji 50-lecia Avii)

- Barnet FC-Arsenal 15.07.2006r (Pre-Season Friendly)

- Celtic-Manchester United 12.12.1995r (Paul McStay Testimonial)

- Celtic-Leeds United 24.07.1999r (Challenge Match)

- Celtic-West Ham United 25.07.2000r (Challenge Match)

- Celtic-Feyenoord Rotterdam 22.01.2003r (A Tribute to the Lisbon Lions)

- Europa Allstar Team 94 07.09.2003r

- International Football Tournament (featuring AC Milan, Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Arsenal) 14.08.1988r

- Kmita Zabierzów-Wisła Kraków 8.07.2006r x2

- Legia Warszawa-Bayern Monachium 2004/05 x2

- Legia Warszawa-Celtic 04.07.2006r

- Le Havre-Wisła Kraków 23.07.2002r

- Linfield-Rangers 30.07.2003r

- Pogoń Szczecin-Hertha Berlin 24.07.2004r (gość klubu-VIP)

- Peter Osgood Memorial (Stamford Bridge, Fulham) 01.10.2006r

- Rangers-Liverpool 03.03.1998r (Walter Smith Testimonial Match)

- Rangers-Sheffield Wednesday 28.04.1998r (Ian Durrant Testimonial)

- Rangers-Anderlecht Bruksela 21.07.2001r (John Brown Testimonial Match)

- Rangers-Arsenal 05.08.2003r

- Rangers-Tottenham Hotspur 28.07.2004r

- Rangers-Celtic 23.03.2005r (Auld Firm Legends)

- Rangers-Middlesbrough 22.07.2006r (Pre-Season Friendly)

- Reprezentacja Artystów Polskich-Trenerskie Sławy Polskiego Futbolu 23.09.2004r x4

- Ruch Chorzów-Panathinaikos Ateny (benefis Krzysztofa Warzychy) 01.06.2005r x2

- Śląsk Wrocław-Benfica Lizbona 25.03.2001r

- The Newcastle Gateshead Cup 31.07.2004r (Sporting Lizbona-Feyenoord Rotterdam+Newcastle United-Rangers)

- The Newcastle Gateshead Cup 01.08.2004r (3rd/4th Place Play Off+Final)

- Tottenham Hotspur-Real Sociedad 12.08.2006r (Pre-Season match)

- Wisła Kraków-Legia Warszawa (Mecz dobrej woli) 3.09.2004r x2

- Wisła Kraków-MSK Zilina 26.02.2005r

- Wisła Kraków-Celtic 06.07.2006r

- Wolverhampton Wanderers-Southampton 05.08.2000r (Pre-Season Friendly)




- Celtic 2005/06

- Górnik Łęczna wiosna 2004r.

- Górnik Łęczna sezon 2004/05

- Legia Warszawa wiosna 1998r.

- Legia Warszawa 2003/04 jesień

- Wisła Kraków runda jesienna 1998r. x2

- Wisła Płock sezon 2003/04


Bilety (inne dyscypliny)


- Chicago Bulls-Dallas Mavericks 08.11.2002r

- Chicago Bulls-Miami Heat 03.12.2004r

- GKS Katowice (hokej) x2

- KGHM Polish Indoors finał 11.02.2001r

- KGHM Polish Indoors finały 09.02.2003r

- London Monarchs-Barcelona Dragons 30.04.1995r

- Montex Lublin-Larvik HK 04.01.2003r

- New York Knicks-Los Angeles Lakers 28.01.2001r

- Philadelphia 76ers-Toronto Raptors 15.11.2005r (Game 6)

- Phillies-Montreal 20.09.1998r

- Phillies-Washington Nationals 06.04.2005r

- Phillies-New York Mets 19.04.2005r

- Phillies-Atlanta Braves 01.07.2005r

- Polonia Bydgoszcz-Polonia Włókniarz 14.04.2002r

- Start Lublin sezon 2003/04 x2

- Start Lublin-Unia-Wisła Kraków 28.02.2004r

- Śląsk Wrocław-Broceni Ryga

- Toronto Raptors-Sacramento Kings 17.01.2007r x2

- TŻ Sipma Lublin

- TŻ Sipma Lublin-GTŻ Kunter Grudziądz 04.04.2004r

- Wisła Can-Pack Kraków 2004/05

- Wisła Can-Pack Kraków 2005/06

- Wisła Kraków-Gipsar Stal Ostrów Wlkp. 12.12.2004r

- Wisła Kraków-Gipsar Stal Ostrów Wlkp. 09.02.2005r

- Wisła Płock-Wealer Geleen 12.10.2002r

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that last post made me nearly piss myself with laughter!

Yeah, yeah... everybody says that if a thirty-something guy wants a woman he is nymphomaniac... come on, not everyone wants to wait with that until his sixties, I want to feel the real life baby B)

Thats a fetish not a collection.

Why, because the list is quite long? It is just a fine hobby, I have one or two other ones :D but they don't really collide, especially now on holidays - so why not trying expanding it?


No one able to help me really? :(

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Keep mine I'm afraid Piotr. Pretty impressive command of English you have, don't worry about people taking the piss mate, it's just that the more "traditional" hobbies like collecting stuff have been taken over in the UK by new exciting hobbies like binge drinking, heroin addiction, having babies, scratchcard investment and bus shelter destruction. Used to collect stamps and coins before progressing ( :lol: ) to beer mats myself. Good luck anyway..

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That's some collection coming on mate!........I was a collector of many things!

including football trade cards and stickers.Have been selling them over the past

year on eBay....That could be a way to increase your collection!people sell old

football tickets on there.

I don't make that many Everton games.....so my tickets I treasure,and are fixed

to the freezer in the garage!


Got a couple of old Norwich City ones kicking about!..........Now what was that

about your sister?

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Sorry mate, I replied quite rudely to a genuine question, it is widely documented on here that I am a bit of a twit.


Throw any tickets away, except for the biggies - Wembley, Cup Winners cup etc.


Seriously though P, try a girlfriend though, a little perspective might do wonders.





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I'll have a look for some for you - I usually throw them away.

Would be really great :) As I had written, I'd be happy to cover the postage cost.

Keep mine I'm afraid Piotr. Pretty impressive command of English you have

Funnily, everyone keeps on telling me that it is is great/exceptional/very good etc. It's flattering, although I always try to deny it to sound like a modest guy :P English is a really easy language, I got quite good at it when I was a little kid. The only problem is just vocabulary, all the grammar stuff is really easy. And on the other hand, reading & writing is not even half as difficult as understanding people talking English, that's the biggest problem for me actually... my brother is a professor at a university in Canada, he said that he is sure that all my problem would disappear if I spent a month or two in an English-speaking country... who knows :) And one friend of mine wrote me such a thing:

Truly your written English is exceptional, there are a lot of English people that couldn't write as well as you and I see a lot on these boards, which make me wonder if people don't really care, are illiterate, or just plain dumb. I tend to think that they're illiterate and dumb, so it's refreshing to see someone write as well as yourself and you're not even English! I think that you would probably understand spoken English if you sat in a restaurant for long enough ... maybe five or six days? ;-)
Nice, ain't it? :D

That's some collection coming on mate!........I was a collector of many things!

including football trade cards and stickers.Have been selling them over the past

year on eBay....That could be a way to increase your collection!people sell old

football tickets on there.

I would sometimes use eBay, but the problem is that I don't have a Visa card and therefore can't buy there (you have to give them your card's no. in order to do that). I started up my own account in one Polish bank, I also set up a PayPal account and still they want some stuff from me <_<



- lots of people want to sell their tickets only to domestic buyers

- some of them want crazy money for postage (for example how can one charge 3,50 pound for postage to Poland, when the postage costs actually 1-1,30 pound?

- I have already lost at least two letters from overseas, and thus I'd be afraid to pay too much money for something I could not get. Usual tickets are quite cheap at eBay (postage is much more expensive), so I'd probably be seeking for someone offering many tickets to minimalise the postage cost. That would lead to quite a high price, and I'd be really scared that a letter would not reach me


Got a couple of old Norwich City ones kicking about!..........Now what was that

about your sister?

I was just joking, two brothers only :)


From what games are those tickets?


Sorry mate, I replied quite rudely to a genuine question, it is widely documented on here that I am a bit of a twit.


Throw any tickets away, except for the biggies - Wembley, Cup Winners cup etc.

What sort of tickets from CWC do you have? I know you want to keep those - asking out of curiosity :)

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Got a couple of old Norwich City ones kicking about!..........Now what was that

about your sister?

I was just joking, two brothers only


Funnily enough so was I!.......Only joking that is!The only non Everton one I can

lay my hands on is Norwich v Bolton from a few years back.Not exactly a collectors

item.....let me have your postal address if it's any good to you!

Did you say your from Poland?.......why aren't you over here?...everyone else is!!

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Hey Blue 250,


I guess that it is no sense bothering you to send just one ticket, I had thought that you might have a bit more of the Canaries, if it is just the single one then keep it... Regarding your question - I want to go to uni now, so no time for going to London or Brighton and cleaning toilets or fixing roofs.


And besides, no offence but girls up here are unquestionably better looking than yours, and in order to follow your friends' advice I need quite a lot to choose from, don't I? :)

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Hey Blue 250,


I guess that it is no sense bothering you to send just one ticket, I had thought that you might have a bit more of the Canaries, if it is just the single one then keep it... Regarding your question - I want to go to uni now, so no time for going to London or Brighton and cleaning toilets or fixing roofs.


And besides, no offence but girls up here are unquestionably better looking than yours, and in order to follow your friends' advice I need quite a lot to choose from, don't I?


Tell you what!.........Polish girls!The ones that are around King Lynn(where I live) sure are

pretty dam good!!They have great fashion sence and are very good looking.If they are

a cross section of the girls in Poland....how the hell did you get into ticket collecting?

Kinda begs one question!......are there ANY ugly girls in Poland?


The only problem I can see with all these Polish girls coming over....is they seem to be

bringing bloody men with them!


I see you don't have a Norwich City ticket in your collection,so if you want that one I

will send it free of charge....it's not a problem.

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From what games are those tickets?

What sort of tickets from CWC do you have? I know you want to keep those - asking out of curiosity :)


Everton v Finn Harps


Everton v Bayern Munich


I hope the girlfriend hunting goes well P.





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Everton v Finn Harps

Everton v Bayern Munich

1978/79 and 84/85... oh, man! How great would be to have those ones, actually I don't have any European Cup tickets from the 70s, the oldest one is Celtic-Ajax from 1982.

Grr, lots of people leave their own stubs on the ground/on the seats after entering the stadium. I wish I was alive when you started going to Goodison Park, what fantastic tickets you would be able to take - not only found, but also your own, had you not thrown them away... Are you still going to EFC matches? If so, any chance of not getting rid of stubs but keeping them for me? Everton qualified for UEFA Cup, I'd be especially interested in those ones (although other - domestic - competitions too, certainly)...

Tell you what!.........Polish girls!The ones that are around King Lynn(where I live) sure are

pretty dam good!!They have great fashion sence and are very good looking.If they are

a cross section of the girls in Poland....how the hell did you get into ticket collecting?

Kinda begs one question!......are there ANY ugly girls in Poland?

Hehe, since I have holidays I am running along a sort of valley in my city. It is really close to MediaMarkt, Leclerc and big living districts, so quite a lot of people walk and cycle there. Believe me, it's difficult to keep on running without straining your neck from constant turning back to look at a birds', eee... shoes :P The number of beautiful girls strolling around is really tremendous, and it's not that they are just average or let's say nice - there are hundreds of true beauties everywhere!


There are girls who are not that pretty, but IMO they drown in the sea of beauties that surround them :) The problem is that only a certain part of those good-looking ones is quite clever. Of course, de gustibus, but personally I can't stand bimbos whose only interest is their new pink mobile phone and some hip-hop song - even if they are looking good :) There are some ones who are both wise and good-looking, but yet again a part of them has to be crossed out because they've already found their sweethearts. The others are still waiting, so if you have some spare time in the summer, don't hesitate and come to Warsaw or Krakow, for the price you would pay for two beers in the UK here you'll get a great dinner (much better than in England - hehe, I'm starting to be afraid I shall be banned, as I have already critisized both your girls & cuisine... but that's just true, sorry ;) ) plus a few nice pints, and surely the females will make an impression on you - I guarantee it :)


P.S. King's Lynn? http://youtube.com/watch?v=i4_m_cNnAXM


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What can I say mate!!


No excuse for that.....The cowards got away with that attack.For some unknown

reason when it went to court nothing happened!!

Some of the Polish do kinda cause trouble,but saying that,one punch would have been enough.

Kings Lynn can be a bit rough!But it can happen anywhere.


Polish girls are pretty good......but you should see some of the lovely ladies around

Goodison Park on a match day!.....and no where in Poland can you get pies like ours

at Goodison.When you come to England pay a visit to the place.....you get a ticket!

.....a pie......a look at the best team in Liverpool.....you might even get a smile from

the best looking girls in England :rolleyes:

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I would just like to add!......That to anyone who has checked out that youtube

clip from Kings Lynn,that............Thats not typical of the type of welcome you

can expect from the locals!!........It's usually a head-butt followed by three or four

swift kicks......then the frenzied punches!!!!

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