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If You Could Bring An Ex Everton Player Back To Efc Who Would You Pick?

Tom Mac

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If you could bring any everton player back to the blues who would you go for?? Ill get this started with my 5


1 - Oliver Dacourt - money grabbing twat but class


2 - Andrei Kanchelskies - Class act when could be assed


3 - Neville Southall - Probaly the best goalkeeper we have had.


4 - Mikel Mader - Just so i can shout abuse at the puff


5 - Big Dunc - dont even have to say Legend!!!

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Wayne Rooney- So that we could sell him again for another £30mil :D .


Neville Southall- Do I need to explain.


William Ralph Dean- could d with another 50/60 goal season striker.


Alan Ball- Just about every Everton fan's idol.


Kevi Ratcliffe- :D:D

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John Ebbrell - not sure why, but he was my favourite player as a kid. Possible cause he's like me, not great....but can do a steady job (kind of)


Peter Reid - Everton hero


Kanchelskis - greedy, but superb player


Nev - agree with the above sentiments


Hinchcliffe - what a great left foot


Can't remember our proper glory days so most of my choices have to be 'modern'

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Left Nev out because I based it on who i thought we needed most now, and Howards up there with the best currently....so I loaded midfield, particularly on the wings, and got us a left back.


Dixie just to rub everyone elses noses in it so we keep winning by four or five every week instead of by two or three :D !

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Alan Ball

Trevor Steven

Kevin Sheedy

Dixie Dean

Ray Wilson


On reflection I'm going to drop Tricky and bring in Gary Stevens instead....














There's a few points in that XI I reckon.

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1st for me cos i've seen him play and he used to get me & my dad of our seats - Kanchelskis

Saw him a few times and his career was ended too soon - mark higgins

Solid but fair (sometimes anyway) - pat van den hauwe

No need to explain - dixie

Could do with a left winger - sheeds

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wayne rooney - obvious class, the best player we've had in my generation (IMO)

dixie - doesnt need words

alan ball - again, no words needed

howard kendall - to keep bally company in the middle of the park

colin harvey - well two out of three just wont do, get ya boots colin

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Only going to include players I have seen, and not well know Goodison legend


Southhall - Was the best in the World in his prime

Sheedy - Would solve our left wing problem

Ratcliffe - Then I could keep Lesscott as left back

Sharp - One of the most under rated Everton player in my opinion

Kanchelskis - one of the true class players we have had at the club since the 80's


Can't include Rooney, because there are just so many ahead of him in terms of what they have done in an Everton shirt

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Big Nev when he wasnt quite so big

Andy Hinchcliffe, A decent Left that could cross, havent had one of them since errr forever

Joe Parkinson, When i was growing up this guy could do no wrong,

Andrei Kanchelskis (95/96 version) Supreme Class, Plus scored two at the kop end as well :P

and (barry horne because some people need the shit kicked out of them) nah

Dixie. though with the array of striking talent, we have now they might get 60 between them.

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1) fernandes- no explination


2) ferrari - sheer class deserved more first team football


3) rooney- to have him for his beast years


4) big duncan - to play him with AJ [ perfect blend fro me frighten the life out of defences]


5) naysmith- cus he only just left and its funny to bring him back :)

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So many legends have passed through the Goodison Gates its really difficult to choose, i could name another fifty that are equally deserving, but heres just 5.




Alex Young. ...............For the sheer enjoyment he gave me watching him play.

Nev Southall ..............Best Keeper i've ever seen in the Blues goal.

Alan Ball....................Simply the best and put his heart and soul into everything he did.

Bob Latchford.............Supreme goalscoring ability, and he's a nice bloke too.

William Ralph Dean ... No explanation needed, and contrary to what some people may think, I was'nt around to actually see him playing.

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To be honest, I'm wondering what Dixie would be like in today's game? I would say today's football is faster and more physical. DD is a legend for his time, but how would he fare in the Premier League now?



1. In todays game he'd be a freak, he'd make Rooney look like Brett Angell.

2. Football may be faster today but it's massively less physical.

3. See 1.

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Neville Southall

Dixie Dean

Wayne Rooney

Kevin Sheedy

Peter Beardsley

Manuel Fernandes

Marco Matterazzi ( based on form after he left )

Ian Snodin ( great attacking right back )


I hope David Moyes doesnt have a reply on this , he'd probably say Pistone cos he released him once before and brought him back !!!!!!! (hopefully gone forever this time)

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