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Blues/west Ham

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Anyone else noticed how every player we seemed to be interested in, West Ham are after also, we don't stand a chance against them they can pay any fee, any wage, and they have the lure of London. I am slightly concerned about this, the UEFA cup is not the attractive draw we think it is compared to what WHU can offer, they are even trying to take Manny now i see.

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The UEFA Cup is not and never has been an attraction to players, we couldn't compete for the likes of Parker and Emre when we had the prospect of being in the CL (our good luck as it turns out). West Ham are starting to piss me off big time, throwing fictional sums of money in the direction of the world and his wife. So far they have only signed the aforementioned and injury prone Parker, and they are welcome to him.

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Yep sure seems West Ham is the place to be!!Seems they really think just throwing

money around is the way forward...all the more reason to kick their arses when they

come to Goodison.

Every time a bought out rich team comes to Goodison this season Moyes should

replace the toilet paper in the away team dressing room with £50 notes!!....just to

show the greedy tossers what they can do with their big bucks.

Don't care how much their center half costs.....Vaughan will leave him for dead,before

he nut-megs thier multi-million pound goalkeeper.


Thing is with all this money they seem to have(West Ham that is)....just a shame thier

fine was so small.Perhaps they should give Sheff Utd £10million for cheating them.

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We don't know how much of what's being tossed around about West Ham is true and how much is junk, so I'm not going to judge them until we see what their final haul looks like at the end of the summer. Keep in mind, a lot of it could be agent-driven. Agents love a club that looks like it's made of money, because they can use the threat of that "rich" club showing interest in their client in order to extract more money out of the club that their client really wants to play for. We have a baseball agent in this country named Scott Boras who is a master of playing that game. I've lost count of how many times he's managed to con teams into bidding against themselves to sign his players. Chelsea has been the obvious candidate to buy every player on the market for the last few years, but with Roman looking like he's finally hit his spending limits this year the agents need a new "free-spending monster" in the room, and they might be setting West Ham up to look like that team (though I stress "might" - I have no proof, just my suspicions). There's also this from Eggert Magnusson, that was in the news yesterday after the Bent deal fell apart:


Reports that the Hammers' spending was out of control, with Australia international Lucas Neill earning £72,000 a week, were denied by Magnusson, who insisted no player at Upton Park enjoys a weekly wage of more than £55,000 a week. And, although Magnusson admits he is prepared to breach the club's wage ceiling for the right player, he warned there is 'no bottomless pit of money'.


He told the club's website: 'West Ham United is very much in the spotlight at the moment. I totally accept that as chairman of a club with ambition and drive. However, I am disappointed that there is a widespread belief that the club has a bottomless pit of money to spend on transfer fees and player wages.


'This is a great football club which will be run on sensible business lines to build a secure, long-term future. That includes our policy on players' wages, set at a ceiling of £55,000 a week. Despite figures being circulated in the game, no player at West Ham United earns more than that at present.


IF that's the truth (though I can't see any reason for him to lie about it), then that only reinforces his earlier dismissal of all the reports linking our players to moving there. You know, the ones that said WHU were going to offer Cahill and Johnson 70, 80, or 90,000 a week. If you really are running a "sensible business" and only going to make a wage exception for the "right player", as much as I love those two they are not the sorts of players you make that exception for.

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