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James Mcfadden

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i had a feeling this topic looked familar so went searching through the old posts and guess what yep u posted the same topic/question back on december the 9th in 2 different sections and now again today in fact that appears to b all u r interested in there for i am guessing u r a redshite trying to take the piss sad really sad

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yes he is gay, someone told me the other day that they had seen him with another man! i dont believ that though, he is a good player who wears the badge on his sleeve, if anyone can mcfadden can!!


Make your mind up mate, in the first line you say he is, then you go on to say you don't believe what you heard.


Sounding a bit hotel/motel yourself mate!


And No, if anyone can do it McFadden definitly can't. :blink:

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Aye farky were so sik of requests veesavee,,,were basically taking the piss out of the re-quester rather than Faddy himself.


As mentioned previously..we couldnt care if he was a Tri sexually being, wif green spots, horns, 2 heads & cape.


Just wont him to do the buzo.....oh yeh & were still waiting... :D:blink::blink:


P.s Good luck to Faddy if he is an expectant dad...1 of life's true joy's.




P.s.s Oh yeh but we do have a penchant for the occasional Lady boy around these traps...!!!

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