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Scarborough Fc.

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Another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust, another ones gone, another ones gone, another one bites the dust.


Scarborough FC ... Wound up and ceased business in a Leeds court today, can no longer continue because of Debts totalling £800.000 pounds, Scarboro where hoping that the Council would buy their ground, enabling them to pay off the debt and continue as a Football Club but it was'nt to be.


How many more football clubs are going to go out of business before the FA do something to help their members, when you consider the amount of money thats floating around in football these days, isnt it about time some of those Millions found its way down to the lower Leagues.


£800,000 ffs its nothing compared to the £120 million the three clubs relegated from the prem will be paid over the next two years, its absolutely and digustingly obscene, Scarboro have been a football club for 128 years and the FA wont lift a finger to help them out .................. Football is dying and the brainless suits of the FA choose to detach themselves from any responsability, god help us.

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It's actually £2.5mil with £800k owed to the inland revenue.


Regardless of that I agree Bill it would take a fraction of the sky money to make every club below premier league financially stable & bring all stadia up to the required standard so the big question is why arnt the FA doing it???


Does the premier leage over rule the FA as far as the distribution of this money goes?


I also think that the terms of this massive amount of money should be that all clubs in debt have to use a large percentage of it paying off the debt they are in rather than buying players and ignoring the mounting debt they have. Things like that will never be initiated by the powers that be tho!!

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Tragic and disgraceful. I know exactly how the fans feel. One of the first teams to get automatic promotion from the Conference back in '87 and twice reached the play-offs....also have a 3-2 win over Chelsea (in a replay after a draw at Stamford Bridge) in the League Cup to their credit from back in the days when no-one even considered putting out a weakened team. Heart goes out to the fans.

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