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Can You Spot A Good Player

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My feelings about Moysey is that he is buying the wrong age group, the amount of 14, 15, and 16 year olds he's bought over the last 3 years must be twenty or more and where are they ??? every year he lets 2 or three go and very few of them manage to get anywhere near the 1st Team Squad, and are eventually released, sent packing, or sold off.


I remember Hulse and Ashton playing for Crewe against us and they tore us apart, everybody who saw that game new they where going to be good players, and they could have been bought for half a million each at the time, these are the players that need to be bought, young player who at least have made it into first teams, not playing for youths and reserves.

Billy Sharp has scored 30 goals for Scunthorpe at 17 years old, and he's likely to be going for £2 million pounds, Gareth Bale playing regular 1st team for Southampton and the youngest Welsh goalscorer at 17 Yrs old and has just cost Spurs 8 million Pounds. Ashley Young, a season in the prem with Watford at 17 years old and has cost A Villa 8 million pounds.


Joey Barton and Phil Jagielka released, Leighton Baines born here on our doorstep, why are these players not playing for our Club, I think the scouting and youth system at our club needs a serious overhaul, cos as far as i'm concerned its just not working.

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i agree with what your saying about not taking the chance on the quality like Ashton (it was thought he had weight problems when he was coming through) Bent, Sharp.


but with letting the players go, since moyes has come in, the players that have been let go havent done much at our level. i stil honestly believe that if the players are good enough they will make it here at EFC. alot of people say about Hughes being let go (well, sold for pennies) i cant say i rated him.even for the reserves he didnt look fantastic. i still dont think Vic will make a top half of the prem type player. but Vaughan has more about him, and JPK has been showing signs of making the grade for about 2 years. when he steps up a level im sure we'll see another one of our youth system blowing up.


hopefully finch farm will help with development too

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""JPK has been showing signs of making the grade for about 2 years. when he steps up a level im sure we'll see another one""


But DM seems very loathe to play them, how old is Barni Vidarsson now, been here about 3 years has'nt he, i think he's older than Vaughan and Annichebe.

If anything i think that coming to a club like ours tends to hold them back, if they were in the championship or coca cola league's they would probs have made more advancement and be playing in their 1st teams now.

If Billy Sharp bangs in another 20 goals in the Championship they will be looking for 6 - 7 million for him this time next year, if he doesnt they will still get their 2 million back. Just look at some examples of Clubs who have taken the Chance.


West Ham bought Defoe from Charlton before he even played in their 1st team, cost them a few thousand in compensation but got Bobby Zamora and 7 million pounds for him off Spurs, Massive profit.


Spurs paid West Ham £2.75 Million for Carrick, but sold him to Man U for £16m rising to £18.5 Million, Another massive profit.


And of course the Daddy of them all, Charlton pay £2.75m for Darren Bent after Everton had been offered but refused to take him off ipswich and instead chose the other Bent (MARCUS) as the cheaper option. And of course he has now gone to Spurs FOR £16.5 Million.

There are massive profits to be made but It has to be a case of ""Who Dares wins"", if DM never takes a chance we'll never get anybody.


Can you spot a common Denominator in all these deals, all these players where playing 1st team football regularly before they where out of their Teens, If they are good enough they should be playing no matter what age.

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Agree with Licker's sentiment that if your good enough your old enough. In DM defence none of the players released in the last few years have gone on to anything else at any level (but i could be wrong)

I like the idea of building for the future (buying teenagers) rather than buying old, shite.

Billy Sharp has done exceptionally well (scoring record) but he's never got into the U21's so maybe he's not the player his record suggests, whereas Nugent has a poorer scoring record but worth shite loads. :huh:

Though i suppose most of this is about press attention. Preston pushing for promotion to premiership, scunthorpe in league 1.

Maybe DM has something up his sleave............time will tell

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were all hoping DM players up his sleave but it doesnt look to good, we have only really been linked with lower premiership standard players which wont improve our squad much, if are club only had more money im sure David would no who he wants I just think maybe he carnt afford the better players around.

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But DM seems very loathe to play them, how old is Barni Vidarsson now, been here about 3 years has'nt he, i think he's older than Vaughan and Annichebe.


i think Bjarni is about 18/19 now. but we havent really been short on centre midfielders have we?

hes made the bench a fair few times.


there is always a risk when bringing in youngsters. most teams will risk playing a young striker, as there is little risk of damage, but not many will try a teenage defender.

maybe in a couple of years we might start seeing more of jack the rock too, but i cant see him breaking through till his 20's

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i have long questioned the scouting system at the club, it appears non existant to me, Moyes only ever seems to know round the Uk game, his aparent lack of knowledge of the european/world market is quite surprising for a young manager.I heard a while ago that the scouting network had been cut back to save money so that could explain some of the reason.most clubs have at least one scout based in each continent.

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