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My boss is advertising a couple of positions this afternoon, our place makes food service counters & stainless steel kitchen equipment. Just moved to a new build factory on the east lancs road 1 minute from the M57 turn off and it's a decent place to work with a good bunch of lads on the shop floor. No pay mentioned but everyone here's on decent money and theres always plenty of overtime etc, the business is also growing rapidly, been trading 2.5 years and turning over 2 million this year.


Position 1: Sheet metal worker (possibly 2 positions)

Time served sheetie wanted, job went in job centre only this afternoon


Position 2: General labourer

This went in connexions this afternoon also, the boss is after someone young / school leaver so I'm guessing the position will expand into other areas with the possibility of training should the employee show promise.


Thougt I'd post it up incase any of you are looking or know people looking for work. Company name is Fabco and the advertisements should appear today or first thing in the morning.

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That time of the monthe Mark??


You've been a rite smart arse for days now what's up need a hug? :P



No mate Im just a sarcastic bastard.


I don't know about the women's game but it must have been yesterday or the day before becauase Mauresmo is out, but today in the Nadal game the place was packed out.

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