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Naysmith Gone.

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Naysmith has signed for Sheff Utd for £1m. Fair enough, never set the world on fire but did a job for us at times and I wish him well. Good on him for staying south of the border when the easy option would have been to go into semi-comatose retirement in the Scottish Prem.

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Agree with everything you said there Mike about Nace. Wasnt the best player but did do his job to the best of his ability. Like you said didnt go for the easy opition and going an old firm side.


I will always remember him for his beauty of a free kick against Spurs a few seasons ago when we won 3-1 (?), great goal, great game and the shite had just been bummed by the arse the day before (chants of Theirry Henry where sang several times in the Gwladys :D)


All the best Nace. :)

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I was a big fan of GN's heart the lad would throw his body in the way of anything inclusing Stevie Larrs studs thats on the rare occasions he was actually in position. He did pop up with a couple of important goals in the past too!


It's nice to see for the first time us getting rid of the ageing reargard & average defenders and bringing in the likes of Lescott & Jagielka. 5 years ago we would have been in the hunt for sol campbell on a free an the like.

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Good luck Gary.


Wish him all the best.

As people have said never set the world on fire but I think always gave 100%


Baines new number 3?????

No problem with the guy but his distribution and positioning were crap, I dont give players credit for trying hard, that's the bare minimum if they dont they shouldn't be in blue shirt. £1m transfer fee says it all. Wright and Naysmith in two days is progress as far as I'm concerned. Good luck to him all the same.

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All the best mate.


As has already been said he would throw his bollocks in the way of a tackle - admire him 4 that.

How he gets a game in the national team i have no idea. Was always a nasty wee sod when he was at Hearts. Championship is more his level.

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