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Favourite Prem Everton Goal?

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I was just watchin Prem Years on sky sports from the 97-98 season with the Farrely goal. There has been loads of important and great Everton goals but i was wonderin what was everyones favourite? For me it has to be the Farrely goal, scored with his right foot aswell! I cant even remember him having a left! :lol:

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Well in recent times Rooney's goal against Arsenal was pretty special, have good memories of t because i was watching ti with a load of arsenal fans.


Arteta's bit of solo magic against bolton


This season Faddy's goal against charlton and manny's goal agaisnt manure were both screamers

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McFad scored a belter think it was season before last possibly v spurs - it was about 35 yards out on the volley!

What about dunc away v man utd, turned and shot top left corner.

Hate to say it but agree with any1 who said Rooney v arsenal as i had the perfect view of it - in all the way.

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Barry Horne's against Wimbledon wasn't strictly speaking premier league, but we'll let that go. I only saw it as a number change on ceefax and that was exciting enough :lol: . Seen a limited amount of goals because I get to a limited amount of games so boringly I'd have to go for McFudge v Charlton...incredible goal, indredible turn around in emotion and it got us to the verge of Europe which we might well have missed if we'd dropped two points. May prove to be one of the most important in Everton history.

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Amongst many & the many mentioned, a more recent memory is a very late goal V's Southampton in about the 91st min.


Came from no where & the raty prick who delivered could never do it twice, but by jeepers the old girl came to life in an instant & the roof near blew off.


Another good recent or momentous goal not mentioned ( I think ) Is the Carsley Debry goal that inspired the now famous blue pitch pile up ( I lost my voice before I had even got the scream out - Yessss).


Thank god this Q is only prem, Or ide crap on 4 hours about Andy King's winner...!!!

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