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Sol Campbell

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A few news papers have reported that we have made a move for Sol Campbell. Maybe after Wiers departure Stubbs needs some older company.

Can't see any truth in this one but thought id post it as it made the papers.... not that means much though. The Sun is claiming the Barcodes made a move for Ronaldinho. Funny stuff

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Sol Cambell is still a cracking defender - and at 32 has a good couple or 3 years left in him.


£1m is bugger all for him to be honest - a token payment these days - We will be glad of such a player if Yobo goes to the african nations cup -


OK Sol is not one for the future, but not every single buy can be an investment for the future, and in the main most of Moyes buys are young so the odd one isn't a problem for me.


As somebody said, would have thougth Cambell would command a massive wage -


Still a cracking defender who knows his trade.

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I dont know, had a decent season with primus as his counter-part. With Joey off to ACN then i think he would provide good cover yes. And people talk of too old, you go young its gunna cost more, yes you might get more season out of them but are you willing to pay £4- 6 mil? Which i doubt we have that amount to spend on one player.

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I would love to see a player like Sol Campbell come to the club - A classy defender, very experienced player at the very highest level - Pace is not everything in a centre half, not when you have the talent and experience of Campbell.


Teams found Everton a decent defence last year - Campbell would only make us a better defence.


OK no sell on value - but at around a £1M that's nothing, he could still be a top defender until he is 36 or so - so plenty of play left in him.


As long as something can be sorted wages wise then he would definately improve the squad.

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