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blimey, that could take a while........


first proper gig I went to was INXS at the Royal Court, and up until the last couple of years was always out seeing what was happening.


Most recent band I've seen a lot are Ji.

Did a bit of roadie work for them too. They kick ass in a big way.


and they're local, so well worth checking out if you see that they're playing.

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Too many to remember over thirty odd years starting with..


:D Dr Feelgood and

Slade in the mid seventies


..some of the highlights..


Eric Clapton

Muddy Waters

Elton John

Black Sabbath

Neil Young

Peter Frampton

Thin Lizzy

Paul McCartney

Billy Bragg

Chris Rea

John Martyn


Mike Oldfield :D


and Live Aid in 1985

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Guest fozzie22

Live aid 85,


David Bowie '83,


Queen '82,


Genesis '87,


U2 '87,


P.I.L '83,(john lydon,i love him :huh: )


Prince '88,


OMD '84,


The Smiths '86,


Joy Division '80,


New Order '87


Jesus and Mary chain '86 loved them too,


Lots more bands that didnt make the grade either,good bands too


Just cant remember them :lol:

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happy attack (my band - plug plug)



oasis x 2

happy mondays x3


athlete x 5 (!)


the thrills


jane's addiction

eric clapton

the who

bob dylan


13 senses

ben folds

....................................to name a few....................

and best of all,


east 17.......... :D

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Where shall I start with the artists I have seen



I used to love Deacon Blue and have seen them 4 times I think

Anyone remember the John Lennon Concert at the Pier Head - I was at that (can't remember the line up tho)


Most recently tho I have seen:





snoop Dog

scissor sistors

Annie Lennox

The Killers

Paul McCartney

Robbie Williams


PINK FLOYD -(something I'll never forget :D )

(plus many more)


All courtesy of the fabulous Live 8 concert I went to in July




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Went to the BDO ( Big Day Out) hjere @ Southport Parkland's yday. 12hr gig Dunno what did me up worse the abmer fluid's or the Sun...!!!


Anyhows. had a big hat , & a top dayw a shad by all.


Top shagged tor ecall all, uno a good gig comes back in pieces over the week etc.


White Stripes were top's...& A Big Wrap for IGGY & The original STOOGES...they set the joint on fire & was worth admission price alone.


Oh yeh & then Henry Rollins cpativated us all with a 1/2 or so of Spoken word,,,


The Rollin's way..


Special mentions of those I really enjoyed & took notice of:


Wolfmother, ( They goooooo Hard man)

The Living end,

Franz ferdinand,

End Of Fashion.

Magic Dirt,


Steered of the dance stages ( not my thing) but did stumble acroos the SILENT DISCO...WTF..!!!


A marquee stage thing set up wif a bout 200 Trippers...dancing in silence with head phones on....


I admit I pissed me self laffing..but then moved on hurridly thinking what a Stupid concept...( the kids obv had beetr drugs than Arl Pat.)


Seen many concerts in me day, too many to recall all, though this was up their as a Top day out, my 1st BDO in oz & ill back next yr.

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WELL....strange you should mention that cos i had a very drunken conversation with someone on friday night about us doing a south coast tour  :D


if it goes ahead i'll let ya know!!  :D


Look foward to it. Funny story (not actually funny at all but spooky)..last year around my birthday my wife noticed that the legendary prog rock band Wishbone Ash were on tour and playing in Frome which is not a million miles from us. Not her thing at all but said she'd buy me a ticket so I went on line to book. Stunned to discover that the support was the Larry Miller Band, because I went to school with, and was mates with the very same Larry Miller (and his bass player nicked my girlfriend). Found his web site (www.larry-miller.dot whatever) emailed him, met up and had a brilliant night (he also blew Wishbone Ash off the stage!). I would highly recommend, if you like blues/rock and if you ever get the chance go see 'cos he's a class act!!

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