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German Army!

Blue 250

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Anyone else see the news tonight!.........about ground forces in Afganistan.It revolved

around the fact that Britain,Canada and the USA provide the bulk of troops deployed

in this conflict.Other NATO countries are being urged to supply more troops to help out.

In particular Germany was highlighted......Now their troops are deployed in the much


TO BE TOO DANGEROUS!! :o .............WHAT!!...


Nazi stormtroopers...turning in their graves,springs to mind!

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See a bomb went off in new york today, there was a bomb scare in liverpool today too. Just thought this should go in this thread.


Also me and my cousin made a bombish today, we put paper and a lynx can in a metal bin and blew it up LOL was fun like.

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Speaking from experience, German men are not very manly. Many a time I was on the lash in BAOR, doing what a good Englishman should do, ZWIE WELT KRIEG UNT EIN WELT MIESTER DO DA DO DA.


A rather large German chappie came over and gave me a slap, not a dig, but a lady like, open handed slap, my Mam hit harder. Happy birthday Mac and I pasted him and two of his mates with only a red cheek for my troubles.


Happy days





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