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Cllr Bradley last night unveiled three alternative sites which he has identified as possible new homes for Everton – in Aintree, Speke and perhaps most intriguingly, in Everton itself.


He also believes the redevelopment of Goodison Park should remain an option with support from the city council.


Cllr Bradley said: “Everton Football Club entered a period of exclusivity with Knowsley Council over their plans to relocate outside of the city boundaries. Until now, despite growing concerns from the supporter associations and pressure from the media, I have chosen to remain silent publicly on this matter so not to jeopardise any potential deal.


“Today, I have decided to clarify my position as leader of the council.


‘AS AN Evertonian and as the leader of this city council, I have been working with the club, commercial partners and the supporters, to come up with an alternative plan to keep Everton in the city.”


He has thrown down the gauntlet to the club to consider the sites which are off Scotland Road, the main council housing depot in Long Lane, Aintree, and the new car holding compound next to the New Mersey Retail Park at Speke.


Other options have included building on the Edge Lane Retail Park and the Central Docks, though Port of Liverpool owner Peel has insisted a stadium will never be built on its land. The Edge Lane option would take too long to assemble.


So just how realistic are Cllr Bradley’s options? The list has come from his own political office at the town hall, rather than as a formal city council pronouncement.


Two sites have been identified on the Liver Industrial Estate in Aintree. The biggest site occupies the Long Lane housing depot, once the nerve centre for the repair and maintenance of tens of thousands of city council houses.


With houses now handed over to housing associations and social landlords, the whole landscape of housing maintenance has changed, hence the availability of the site, close to the Jacobs biscuit factory. The stadium and ancillary facilities may well have to spill over on to adjoining sites to enable a site of sufficient size to be gathered. Although Long Lane is close to the A580 East Lancashire Road and the M57, there could well be traffic issues. On the plus side, the freehold of much of the site is owned by the city council. As a brownfield site, it is unlikely to be called in for review by the Government.


The Axis Site off Speke Road is currently used to store thousands of brand new cars, many of them from the Jaguar plant at nearby Halewood. They are stored at this compound for shipment by road or rail. The site was originally identified as a potential home for Liverpool FC when they were seeking a new home. It sits next to the increasingly busy New Mersey Shopping Park.


The site is large, is bordered on one side by the main Liverpool to London West Coast line and has the best road network links of any of the sites. It is more than 12 miles from Goodison Park, eight more than the distance between Goodison and the Kirkby site.


The Tunnel Trumpet site off Scotland Road, actually bringing Everton closer to the city. This is essentially an island site, created by the building of the entry and exit roads to the Wallasey Tunnel. The site is currently occupied by cash and carry warehouse Bestway which plans to build a new base elsewhere. With council-owned land alongside, the site could easily accommodate a new stadium but would need to include a commercial/residential development alongside to make the finances work which could create planning difficulties. The big plus is that it actually falls within the Everton boundaries. It is within walking distance of the city centre and is well served by existing Merseyrail services.


Malcolm Carter, head of property for Bestway Holdings, said: “We have recently been presented with an opportunity which, for the city, would combine the massive desirability of allowing Everton FC to remain within the city of Liverpool and come home to Everton, while acting as a catalyst for the regeneration of the wider area.


“This would involve developing a new stadium and associated commercial enterprises both within our existing location and on neighbouring sites.


“Bestway already has a design team in place and are in discussion with a stadium contractor about working up proposals which, from an initial assessment, are very feasible. We know that a football stadium will fit into our site and could work in this location. It would be the blue heart of the city.”


Cllr Bradley’s last – though not least option – is the refurbishment of Goodison Park. The ground could be improved as part of a major regeneration initiative for the area. Though the club insists that a refurbished Goodison Park is not on the agenda, the option may well have to be considered if fans reject a move to Kirkby. Cllr Bradley says architects and planners who have examined the stadium insist it could be easily renovated.


The problem for the club would be loss of income during phased renovation projects and the need to carry out a transport and environment impact study should the aim be to increase the capacity of the ground.


from the daily post

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Thanks :)


What would you prefer ? Redevelop Goodison, one of those sites or Kirkby?



I would personally prefer we didn't move out of Liverpool and after seeing the cheap design proposal more so. If it means wait another five years until we find the investment then so be it. Goodison isn't going to fall down in that time depsite what they would have us believe.


They are talking of having it completed by 2010 the same time as Liverpool's, Kenwright knows he is treading water at the moment and this all has the air of a rush job about it. They should exhaust every possibility with the council before going ahead but I'd be amazed if this wasn't already a signed deal and we are just being soft soaped.

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