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Activ Surf?


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i got a message when i turned on me pc, sayin 4448364 in valid backweb, i searched this and it had somethin to do with activ surf,


1. what is it

2. do i need it on me pc

3. if i get rid of it will if fuck up me pc?

4. whats this invalid backweb about?


if sum1 know i will be very grateful :blink:


tar lads (and ladies :D )

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If like me you don't want to buy a virus checker download AVG Free edition and that should sort out any probs you have with viruses http://free.grisoft.com/doc/1 updates are posted regularly and it keeps me free of viruses just download it and then do a scan of your pc also spyware might be a problem and spybot search and destroy is a good tool to get rid of that stuff but I don't have a link for that type in to Google and you'll find it hope that helps.

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thanks alot fellas, i'll have a look about them links now, tar


ive got the latest norton protection thing but this activ web only started playin up wen i done somethin to the system config...thats what i get for just clicking buttons :P


nice one again lads :P

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