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The All-important Question...


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Couldnt find a thread to link on to so here goes...

The wording of the ballot seems to be Kirkby or not....http://www.toffeeweb.com/season/07-08/news/070726a.asp


I reckon it'll be a no vote basedc on how its been worded. If they'd said eg 'move to this grnd or stay' it could be very different.

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Couldnt be any fairer than that a straight YES or NO, I'll go along with that.


Many people will vote yes through default because they want a new stadium IMO.


This was the one question that may clinch the vote for the board as people want to move they just dont know what the options are, in a way the club is saying "Kirkby or nothing"!

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The way the question has been set is probably governed by the company that are looking after the ballot


Looks straight enough, I think this will be a very close call


When the fans were balloted about moving to the awsome kings dock arena that never was I think the vote was only 85% in favour and that was a brilliant proposal, still 15% didnt want to move

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Without doubt. The appeal of the kings dock was immense (for me and anyone i spoke to).

Shame it's gone but just cant see it being resurrected anyway (someone suggested it could still be done???)


Think the bottom line to all of this debate is simple (pls say if i'm off the mark)...


We all appreciate the importanc of someone like Tesco and agree that without them, any move would cripple us.

The kinds dock was the dream that never was and possibly was never gonna be.

The new designs are fairly good with some nice touches and does have some wow factor but possibly not enough.

We want to remain as close to the everton area as possible and kirkby doesnt allow that.

We agree Goodison cant be refurbed or rebuilt.


...If i'm right i can only see it being a 'No' vote.

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