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What Do You Think Of A Salary Cap?

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Guest fozzie22
They have it in quite a few codes and leagues around the world.  Could it work for Football in Europe?

It could and more to the point should be enforced.


If the yanks can do then why not the rest of the world?

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Guest Reg Reagan

its pointless idea and it will never work and its not even working properly in the ESL and that skips rugby league comp... whats it called again?

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Eu regulations, restraint of trade / Earnings, lardy daa dee daa..etc etc.


Great theory .


Simply unfeasible when considering modern business acumen & trade regulation's within the European Union.


Could happen if All parties involved agreed. i.e an enterprise bargaining type scenario.


Wont happen.


To many greedy Pigs.

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Its been out of control since the television company's took over football, they run football now, even move fixtures to other dates/times so it can show more games on TV.


Might as well let them sort the fixtures out to start with, cos the FA are shit and let them walk all over them.


TOO LATE FOR A WAGE CAP NOW. and if the tv companies ever pull out for any reason, every club in the premiership will go bankrupt.



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I liked the idea until the A-League started and i just don't think it works over here as the league can't attract the talent it needs to be competitive. Some games are great but others are like watching paint dry. Also the idea of a marquee player isn't right as players in the premiership will demand to be on equal pay as other players or else they'll move.

Sadly however good the idea of a salary cap is i don't see it ever becoming a possibility let alone used - footballs corrupt and lots of politics.

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Rugby league has a cap

Rugby Union has a cap

NFl has a cap


Had this arguement before - a salary cap would mean that we would see the 80's all over again - where teams from Liverpool had scousers in, teams from London had cockneys in


and English clubs would be fantastic and would always win the CL & Uefa


WE have the best players in the world within our small Isles and yet hardly any of them make it through!








A Cole



Imagine if there was a salary cap - they would all have stayed at their first clubs...


The mercaneries wouldn't exist in the EPL. - Drogba's etc. wouldn't even consider us!




the west hams, boltons and fulhams could compete and every season would be exciting with fans not really knowing who would win the league - just like the 70's & 80's - apart from Us and the RS, there was a different winner every season..


Fantastic and exciting...


Now its just whoever has the cash - which happens to be Chelski at the moment.

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Rugby league has a cap

Rugby Union has a cap

NFl has a cap


Cant disagree with your points rowlo.


Howebver 2/3 with a cap are minor sports & the other big mostly in America.


Football is truley global & simply impossible to manage in such a way due to the complicated trade & restraint regualtions form region to region.


The only body , that could poss make a move & try to get all the federations/confederations to comply would be FIFA.


ANd I aint going down that old chestnut track of money launderers, arms dealers & corporate pirates that are FIFA simply because the game is corrupt form the very top...leaving the rest little chance.


A cap is needed, but wont happen.....welcome to the "Global village"..where the rich prosper & the submissive masses scrap &

scrape to make ends meet & satisfy their bank managers, creditors & Govt's..


Sound familiar in both life & football...????

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