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Dm Confirms No New Arrivals Expected


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What is he playing at.


Everyone can see that even if we only bring in 1 player we have to bring in a striker.



Wouldn't believe anything that Toffeeweb says mate. That website could put a negative spin on a lottery win (poet...)


£2m players aren't the answer to our woes. THe players we need cost over £5m at least and we simply dont have that kind of cash. The last thing I want to see is panic buying for the sake of spending the money. Moyes would be better off saving it for the pre-season and coupling it with whatever the board offer around then so that we can at least purchase a good striker rather than a 'might be, might not be' nugent or Trundle.


But - dont take it to heart, toffeeweb only publishes the bad stuff - if you dont believe me, read the match day reports from games WE HAVE won!

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rowlo's affectionate affair, liason's with the toffewebbers seems as strong  ever.... ;)


U lovem dont ya...cmon u do????.......... :lol:   :lol:   :lol:

I absolutley adore every one of the yankee Everton supporters.


They bring the club down to rock bottom with every article and they are all yanks! They have never been to Goodison and probably never will...

It annoys me that people who probably dont even own a club scarf can criticise it so badly...


I now people on this site live and work in the far corners of the earth and cant attend matches - but I also know that when they lived in Liverpool/merseyside, they did attend and when given the chance would still attend - so Toffeeweb, in my opinion is FOR LOSERS - the writers and editors will NEVER attend a match unless EFC trips over to the US of A and happen to pass through the one of the shitty cities were these fools live!

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