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Robert Earnshaw

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I have to say I was a big fan of his before he moved to West Brom - But he doesn't seem to get a look in. I am not to sure now - is it becasue he not up to the Prem.


Thing is he scores 14 goals last season and a lot of the time was on the subs bench - At this moment in time I would be happy to have a player getting 14 goals for us.


I am not convinced he would be the right option - especially if WBA want £3M back for him - I would cheer him on if he did come to Goodison, but I think I would rather Moyes take a £2M punt on Cameron Jerome. I hear he had a good game against Arsenal - and give their back four a hard time for 90 mins.

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i wouldnt mind him. but being kept out the WBA team by campbell and horsefield is pretty concering


Yeah but this is more to do with attitude than ability Robson doesnt like him. He aint a bad player and he cant find that back of the net. Id have him for a bench warmer better than Bent but still need a better striker to partner Beattie.

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Earnshaw a great player but he wud be better at bolton because we dont wanna be playin long ball and hes a player who cud get on the end of long balls.


And the 7.5 million bid rejected on sky news for someone . Moyes sed he didnt have any monet 2 spend!!!!


But great win today by the lads 3 wins out of 3 in da lge gotta be title contending form

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earnshaw has scored some goals in the recent past so IF the price was reasonably cheap he would be worth a go. he's got pace etc so could be a good partner for beattie maybe.


But i reckon robson will want too much for him, 2 million would be a fairer price. 14 goals in the premiership is good going.


And as for horsfield and KC keeping him out ..... that really is concerning :blink:

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Yeah, I think Earnshaw is a better goal scorer than Bent - but maybe not a better player.


I think that has been Robson's main problem with him. His overall play and controbution. I know a few Cardiff City fans (as I live in South Wales) and they always said he isn't really much of a player - but just kept scoring goals and always has done.


The big question is can we afford to have a player like this in the team - he will score goals, but the other 9 outfeild player may have to 'cover' his general play.


So in a away he maybe the opposite of what Bent gave us last year - played well up front but just didn't score many.


His signiture does pose a risk in my opinion - especially when is general playing ability is a known weakness - is this risk worth £2.5M? If nobody else is available for the right money this January window (which is the usual case in January unless you have silly money) then it has to be a definate Yes in my opinion.

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