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Aj Injured Now!

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Was called Water on The Knee in my day & recovery Depends,


I used to suffer from this when played, it can basically be caused by long term degeneration.


Little injury's adding up. Arthritis like, & extra joint fluid builds up in the affected area.


Tiz like an inflammatory arthritis , we are supposed to have some joint fluid, but not too much.


Have no Idea how they treat now, but & again in myd ay.


Regulary drawing the Puss out wif a Big Needle was the cure.


Iw as always ok to go again after a cple of days of the draw, but my doc was a big fan of adding Cortisone in to the mix as well.


So hopefully AJ wont be out to long.

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i think its a excuse to get him out of last nights game,just like steve G across the way who had a so called broken toe :rolleyes:

Its definitely not any kind of excuse/smoke screen because it was the England doc who treated him then sent him back to everton, so everton had nothing to do with it.

Doenst sound too serious though

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