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Thomert - Failed £7.5m Bid?!?!


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Guest fozzie22

I believe that BK went to the bank of LA-LA land and asked them for the money.


The elf behind the counter said yes,but his manager billy goat gruff put the blocks on it.


I also heard that BK has apealled to the section manager rapuzell and he's still waiting to hear.


So in other words its yet more shit from the board of Everton.

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I believe it's a smoke screen for Matt Jansen - I think Moyes is worried that Newcastle may steal a march on Jansen who has lost his way somewhat, so is using some sneaky tactics such as pretending to bid for a quality player!


£7.5m - don't make me laugh!!!



it wasnt real money


kenwright won a game of monoply against the other directors for moyes transfer funds this january window

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ha ha even if we got him does any1 know what he play like

is he good


Dont think anyone is even bothered, the talk of EFC having 7.5mil has left us all in brain meltdown!


20mil in the summer

nothing by december

7.5mil by 11th Jan


I'm sure this rollercoaster is gona carry on up and down for the rest of the month so strap urself in!!

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