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Smoking Ban

Noble Savage

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not missed it at all, ive been in Egypt for two weeks smoking my head off


I think it is considered gay not to smoke in Egypt, there was a lot of Italians in my Hotel. They all chain smoke and its almost a fashion accessory. From what I sore it doesnt seem to do their figures any harm as they are the sexiest women I have ever seen


And I think the Italians seem to live longer and healthier than us healthy brits

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Decent diet v Smoking. In Britain if you don't smoke the crap diet that most of us subject our bodies to will kill you. Given the choice I'd eat mediterranean and smoke, live longer and enjoy life to the full. Gave up smoking six years ago due to my lads suspected (wrongly) asthma but have to stay stopped because of my late onset asthma (confirmed :( ).


Having said that my aunt's just been given less than a year to live with lung cancer, lifelong heavy smoker. Pays yer money and takes yer chance I guess.


Fucking love a smoke though, still miss it but too much of a risk for me now.

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Sorry to hear about your problem Mike but dont be to despondent, it can leave you as quickly as it arrived tho your never completely cured cos it can return.

Had a bad car accident about 20 years ago ( was'nt me driving ) on the way to a match and ended up in Hospital with three broken ribs and bruised from head to arse down my back, i thought i was lucky till about a week later i thought i was dying. The missus called the doctor in and to cut a long story short i ended up on two inhalers (Blue and Brown).


Apparently the shock of the accident brought on the attacks which stayed with me for about 4 years, I went to the lakes on holiday one year and it just didnt appear again. Have since learned that it has been known to re-appear for no reason at all, so it is never completely cured but i have never had any probs since.

So as i said, it can leave you just as suddenly as it came. Good luck Mate.


PS ..... In all that time i never once stopped Smoking. :) Bloody Idiot.

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You all know im a defender of the faith & last bastion.


I mentioned allt hsi some years ago & got alffed @, Itll never happen.


my 1 pet hate about OZ is unlike zed's Egypt, smokers are becoming fukin parasites.


I cant even smoke on a beach anymore. Luckilly being a warm climate, most pubs & clubs Have outside areas or what they call beer gardens, where 1 can chooof away.


However, be sure nor to smoke within 3 mtres of any dwelling as it is a capital offence punsihable by death.


Australia, damn them ( not really) Is possibly 1 of the worlds leaders in ridding the fag's.


Next on the lobby's HITLIST is CARS a TOTAL BAN on smoking in PRIVATE cars...!!!


Dont Laff as thast what I got when i mentioned what was happening in Oz & the flow on effect from oz to the UK, took but 2 -1/2yrs after my initial whine, for The Uk to loose smoking in pubs & stadia, follow suit etc.


I think all quitting products should be subsidised by Govt & become really cheap if they really want us to stop.


yeh & I predict, in the next 10 yrs That the Uk will do what theyre doing here to rejig the revenue lost from smokers.


Banks of POKER FUKING MACHINES on every corner, & were even going to have them in SHOPPING CENTRES soon..!!!


I likes a punt n a gamble, but thats ridculous, more families being destroyed by them than smoking @ the moment this end.

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Thanks for that Bill, it's not too bad...I have a preventitive inhaler that I take twice a day rather than the ones you use when you feel an attack coming on and so far it's working well.


Agree completely on the gambling thing Pat, they've just been cleared to advertise on TV so it's already cranking up and it's going to cause huge problems for sure. It's the only vice I've not dabbled with seriously (as far as I know :lol: ) but having worked in addiction I know the consequences are every bit as destructive for some as drugs and booze, just don't have the same drain on the NHS so they're not taken so seriously.

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well as a non smoker its good to come home smelling the same as i went in.


however i do feel for smokers. in my band im the only non smoker. luckily the pub i go to has an ace beer garden with a shelter in case it rains.


however not every pub is the same and alot of people dont have a place to smoke when it rains. plus i dont really agree with taking away a right which everyone has a right to do.


so it both has its advantages and disadvantages

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ive noticed same as aaron. its horrible to walk into a pub and smell the sweat. im not a smoker, im not a fan of it either, but for some reason i didnt mind the smell of it in the pub, it was a sort of comforting relaxing smell, and if you didnt want to smell the smoke or you didnt go into the pub. i can understand with restaurants within somewhere, but pubs just arent what the used to be.

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Yes, In the winter they will feel the pinch, Nobody will stand around outside in thunderstorms and below freezing temperatures every time they want to smoke, they'll go round the Offy for some cans and stay indoors at home.


The government new it would be Easier to introduce the rule in the SUMMER, but its winter time that will show the true Effect.

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It hasn't had that much of an effect. I always had to go outside to smoke at work and regularly stand outside the pub this time of year anyway.


The one thing that is more annoying is when you go to a club and you now have to go out to smoke. Its spoils the evening a bit with people constantly going in and out.

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