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Teen breaks leg killing spider

By Edmund Tadros

January 12, 2006 - 3:16PM




A 19-year-old youth-camp leader has broken his leg in two places after kicking ''one of the largest'' huntsman spiders he had ever seen.


The teen saw the spider on a wall this morning while at the Attunga Country Campsite in the NSW Southern Highlands and attacked it with a deadly kick that ended the spider's life - and badly affected his own.


He was airlifted to Liverpool hospital by an NRMA CareFlight helicopter from the camp, which is 25 kilometres west of Mittagong.


''He was [looking] sheepish but he was in significant pain and he was facing the barrier of difficult road access," said Greg Ohlsson, the pilot of the helicopter.


''He was a nice guy, he was very polite and obviously embarrassed.


''He said the spider was a huntsman, one of the largest he'd ever seen, which is why he kicked it.''


Mr Ohlsson said the man's friends were concerned for his health but described the camp atmosphere as "light-hearted" due to the cause of the injury.


''They wished him well and told him to hurry up and get well, so he could come camping again.''



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Obviously Huntsmen Spiders are bigger than even King Size House Spiders, we had one years ago that was about four inches in length, or bigger. Never seen anything like it in the United Kingdom. How the hell do you break your foot or incur a serious injury simply taking a kick at a spider though. And it was on a wall also?, seems a bit of a tall story maybe. I think I see what he did now, as in take a kick at spider that was on a wall, not on top of one, and subsequently the fool did some damage to himself when his boot made contact. I would have just left it alone, biggest ones I ever saw was in Afghanistan. Camel Spiders I think they are, fuckers about a foot in length, scary looking things, yellow in color, weird looking things, the size of these nasties has to be seen to be believed.


I was indeed looking for another thread but saw this in archives and point being, was reading on a rival soccer forum a few days ago about supporters experiences with hard drugs or hallucinogenics and all kinds of weird and illegal shit I had never heard of, and their experiences of the effects and it was quite serious reading, although they sounded quite flippant about what they had done, or even took pride in the fact. I.e. ( Mr X -I love a nice bit of Heroin or Class A shit or almost losing my life to serious drugs and living to tell the tale and what a man I am) etc. Some right fucking Idiots on there and no mistake, but some decent stories told even though I felt a bit skeptical with some accounts.


A lot of mention of Spiders, once again, as apparently after some hard edged shit taken, there was constant talk of arachnids. Some guy at a bus stop saw an army of Giant Spiders coming down the road towards him, 30 feet high, after some Ketamine, another on board a bus described how it was full of spiders and took off all his clothes and jumped out and ran down the street, and even at home, lying in bed and seeing nothing but fucking creepy crawlies over the room, I was maybe wondering, why Spiders of all things. Do they have arachnophobia to begin with, and the drug acknowledges this? Brings out the demons etc.


Also, one man on Acid and a cocktail of drink and Speed described having intercourse with an Octopus in a tent at Glastonbury, another on Ketamine told how at an underground station who thought his face was melting or head going to explode, one of the other, was talking to an old couple, who started telling funnies and then his wife said something like 'Silly Old Fucker, when we get home, I'm going to poison him and chop him into pieces', the guy actually believed all this even though it's 100 per cent likely she was just making a bit of humor. Too many weird stories to tell, and some of the people involved are still scarred or dependant to this day on heavy shit or serious drugs available, and have known many people who have passed on because of it or Overdosed and never made it back. Thought this would go well with Spiders here, wanted to it include it somewhere, but couldn't find an actual 'bad drugs experience' thread in existence. It was a good read, but some of the people who recounted stories were total dumb ass fucking Idiots for sure.


Just isn't worth it, is the bottom line. Other ways to have a good time without fucking your lives up in the process.

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Hate spiders, ugly little fuckers.


The college I went to last year had one and it was shit scary, about the size of a baby gorilla - I had to hold it once and give a long lecture about the scientific bullshit behind how the tarantula has evolved and survived, one of the scariest times of my life.

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I didn't include what I did necessarily for the benefit of Spiders, it was merely some tales to recall from other Idiots, Individuals, I had read about on rival soccer pages and their experiences of using hard drugs, the arachnids were simply a part of the effects or hallucinations entailed with the experience of some drug uses. I couldn';t find another thread to include it in, looked high and low, so saw this Spiders thing, and just included it. But once again, they were a part of the effects. I know people take them for recreational use, as is often the case, but when it becomes dependant, then you're in a world of pain. One thing that was constantly refered to, was... 'Do not indulge in said hard drugs if feeling low esteem/morale, if already depressed or even angry etc, it's simply best to just avoid in such circumstances'. That's me fucked then... If I want a bit of a buzz or a (legal) high, then a pack of Unions or some choice liquor in responsible amounts is suffice. Just leave them alone and let others go about their business and do what they want with their lives is about the long and short of it. Once you get on that downward spiral, seems very hard to get back again was the moral of the story, as always.

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