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Jane Tomlinson Rip.

Blue 250

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Today(Tues 4th Sep),sadly see's the passing of a truely great lady!


Jane Tomlinson....I'm sure most of you will have heard of her.Forty five year old

Jane was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer seven years ago.Guess she decided

to just go for it and do what she could with the time she had left....what she did was

run marathons and did triathlons,raising millions for cancer charities.


There must have been bad times,but she sure as hell put a brave face on it!

A few months back,I was asked to do a charity swim for cancer research with three

other lads 5.25miles each,about 3 hours in the pool!Training went pretty well untill

4 weeks before the event I cracked two ribs!.....Couldn't really swim for a couple

of weeks,and even after that was quite painfull.So I thought no chance!!

Then I thought about Jane Tomlinson,and what she went/was going through,and how

she would have coped.........So I munched a few more pain killers than I think is

sencible,and over the last 50 or so lenghts,thought about THAT lady....and finished

the swim.

So thanks for that Jane Tomlinson!!


There are murderes,drug dealers and eveil people walking this earth today....and

that lady sadly isn't...........Where the hell is justice?

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Yes a brave lady indeed, R.I.P.


And well done to you Blue, nice one.


Incredible woman. Think I'm right in saying the last thing she did...or the last thing that I was aware of...was to cycle across America. Absolutely inspirational person and I'm sad to hear she's gone, but lived more since her diagnosis than most do in a full lifetime.

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