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Xbox 360


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i love my 360 too,

[lucky enough to get a premium(<Spelling??) on release {2nd Dec}]


Gamertag= GreatOJ


add me if u wish


i got:


Call Of Duty 2

Project Gotham Racing 3

Fight Night Round 3

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Ghost Recon 3: Advanced WarFighter

FIFA 06 RTTFWC (God only knows why i bought it)


also some old xbox1 games such as



Pro Evo 5

Halo 2

Rainbow Six Black Arrow

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory


just to name a few from the many i got

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Can't be bothered to start a new topic so will ask anyway.


Does anyone have a psp???? if so do they know about the AD hoc thing???. Just want to know if there is a max distance away before the multiplayer doesn't work.


I know it works when you sit next to each other was just wondering if like a bluetooth that has like a 10 metre range???

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some xbox 1 games work on the new 360 and live, eventually all of them will


but heres a list of the xbox 1 games that work on 360 online and offline




myself i have played old xbox games such as halo 2, rainbow six and pro evo5 online with 360.

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