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Late Kick Off


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Anyone else pick up (or not) pre-booked tickets last night? Arrived at around 7.40 after shite trip up the M5/6 and was stopped by the police from going down Bullens Road...told I had to walk round and join the queue from the Gwladys end. The "queue" was in fact about six deep running down from the collection office to Gwladys street, looping back all the way back to the office then back to Gwladys again. It moved about twenty yards in the next twenty minutes with constant announcements thanking everyone for their patience. There were literally thousands there. Cutting this short...eventually they let everyone in with a proof of purchase....you could go into any entrance, not just where your ticket was for and I got in at around 8.50 (someone was in my seat unsurprisingly but I got one close by). Just seen Ian Ross on recorded Channel 5 saying there were 1000/1500 out there but I reckon it was a lot more than that....fortunately it stayed good natured even after the game had kicked off. Poor.

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club statement trying to blame the royal mail for that shambles!


my mate rang me at half time. he said they open the exit doors to the away section and let evryone in there without checking tickets just to get them in.


they said 2000 tickets went missing in the post

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Everton statement...


A batch of match tickets, which were ordered via our remote ticketing services, were dispatched from Goodison Park in Monday’s first-class post.


Clearly, they should have arrived the following morning but it would appear that some went astray.


This resulted in hundreds of supporters turning up at the stadium this evening without tickets and, in order to comply with safety regulations and after taking advice from Merseyside Police, we had no option but to issue duplicate tickets.


Because of the numbers involved this proved to be a time-consuming process although our box-office staff did their utmost to ensure any delay was a kept to a minimum.


However, after talks between the club’s Safety Officer and the Police it was decided, in the interests of safety, that the kick-off had to be delayed by 30 minutes.


Everton will be holding talks with officials from Royal Mail first thing on Friday morning to establish the circumstances behind what was a most regrettable – but unavoidable - situation.


“We need to know precisely what happened – and once we have established all the salient facts we will let our supporters have them,” said Everton’s Head of Public Relations, Ian Ross.


“Safety is always our primary concern and whilst it was hugely regrettable that we had to put back the kick-off, we had to be absolutely certain that everyone got into the stadium safely," he added.


Only a fraction of people waiting for duplicates actually reached the front of the queue and got them. If it was safe to let everyone in (without tickets) at 8.45, why wasn't it safe to do it at 8.15?


And it was more than fucking hundreds. I stopped queueing at about 8.30 because it was obvious that either they'd have to open the gates or the line would still have been there when we kick off at Villa Park on Sunday.

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The impression given out is that the Royal Mail fucked up and then all the tickets were reprinted by heroic Everton staff and handed out in time for everyone to get in for the delayed kick-off, which is a long way from the truth. Mind you there's people saying in the press and on other sites that they didn't get in til about 35/40 mins in. Exaggeration because as soon as they announced everyone could go in I walked (ran actually) down to the Glwadys end, had a piss and was in my seat with twenty-eight minutes left of the first half....clock was the first thing I looked at, second was searching for Arteta...in vain :( .


Was an impressive turn-out though, 37,000 plus.


Edit..Ian Ross.


“ We fully understand why some supporters were annoyed – they had every right to be having paid for something which never arrived. Thankfully we know from our turnstile data that when the game did kick-off 98 per cent of supporters were safely inside the stadium.


That means at most 740 people outside the ground at 8.30. Complete bollocks.

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Im not surprised your pissed off, I hate it when they put a spin on things rather than just saying SORRY


I was pissed off, Id rushed around getting things done, sat down to watch it on ch5 and was told its going to be 25 mins late


Sorry mike :D

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