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None Of Us Are Football Managers But!


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Because he's fucking Carsley while Pip sucks his balls? They have to be doing something for him to be continuously played when they're shite. Hibberts probably licking his arsehole as well.

:lol: what your saying is right though mark, surely moyes can now see that one if not both of hibbert and neville HAVE to be dropped based on last night, you would never think that out of the two neville brothers phil was thought to be the better player, every ball that came to his feet was returned with a 40 yard whack up the other end, the england rugby team could probably do with someone like that at the moment!! and aj clearly needs some timeout to sort his head, even the metalist players were going up to him at the end of the game to see if he was ok, he looked as if he was crying.

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Anyone think taking a penalty is easy?......I don't, not under pressure anyway.

I was a center forward and scored plenty of goals, give me a half chance in open

play rather than that bloody penalty spot any time!


Last night he scored the first(ok, a bit of a blast down the middle).......fate had him

take it again(plenty of time to get nervous and feel the pressure), sadly he missed.

To take the third one showed the little blokes got guts......sadly the nerves got to him.

Aj will score goals, and stick a DECENT forward next to him and AJ's hard work will

mean plenty of goals for him.......(is Yakubu decent?..that's another thread)


Hibbert, Neville and Carsley!!!.......I just can't understand what's going on!


BUT!......I really don't think it's sex :huh:

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Mark i would say moyes has a thing for putting Defensive midfielder on the team sheet, after all he can pretend he's playing that way because it will Say DM.


Its all well and good these being "honest hard working lads" but if they lack the footballing brain (i refer to incident where neville had the ball in the first half had four options went for the impossible pass to mcfadden and it promptly hit a karkiv player) then, thats not good enough anymore.


but, i shall hope (and more likely) pray that Tommy is back for the 2nd leg, if anything he'll demand the ball in midfield.


Oh and although none of us our managers i've found that most if not all evertonians seem to have a collective idea about what the tactical decisions should be, and i would say they were right 9 times of 10 (although i'm basing this on Davey Dithering, and Mostly The Tottenham home Game last season when hibbert came on instead of Vaughan.)

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