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Realistic Goals For January Transfer Window


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What do you guys think we need to do, come January, in terms of buying players?

Personally, i'd say our defense is pretty solid at the moment,

but i think it'd be good if we bought a decent cover for baines at left back instead of just playing lescott there so he could have more time at CB

and maybe get a quality right back as well.

forwards i have no problems with, especially once james vaughan is back

midfield: i reckon we deperately need a true, quality left winger and another right winger as well

MAYBE add another center mid

Tell me what you guys think.

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I think Valente is adequate back up for Baines but fear he may be off in January because he is back up (he was Portugal's 1st choice left back 12months ago!)


I think we are covered for options up front and in defence.


The midfield is were the priorities should lie - I can see Moyes moving in for another central midfielder as 1st priority for depth unless Gravesen is the season long solution. Brazilian Anderson will be back from loan as will Steven Morrison from Partick Thistle. Tim Cahill should be on the mend by now too. Plus we always have Neville and Jagielka in emergencies.


I cant see him buying a winger when Pienaar has been so impressive on the right hand side. The left midfield area could be problematic, maybe one of the reserve boys will be brought into the team or Moyes will bring in some relatively unknown from abroad with European experience (provided w'ere still in the UEFA cup) or the lower divisions .

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realistically we won't sign anyone becasue we never do, of course we will "pretened" to be interested in people and moyes or big bill will come out with the mandatory, "we have been looking for players but the ones we want are not their at the right price blah blah blah"


i would like us to move for someone like appiah, who we have been linked with in the summer, we really need some strenght in midfield, whether we actually try and get it is highly unlikley

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Has to be all the way. I think we are pretty decent in all positions except a strong midfielder. Need this type of player, Viera, dare I say Reid style. Grit and power with good vision and distribution. He is on e of the best that may be available to break up the oppositiion and initiate our own attacks. He is very capable on the ball and is able to hold it and for anyone who has seen him play, likes to play it on the deck. Would be brill for Arteta, Pienaar, AJ and Yak. Dig deep Moysey, this lad is a must. Was very disappointed we didn't make a positive move for him in the summer.

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