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last stab at the RS fans on this site


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In response to the Tosser who insists upon disguising himself as a proper fan (i.e. an evertonian) - I think his name is 'blue'.


Are liverpool better than Everton?


Well - its obviously a matter of opinion.


Yes Liverpool attract more players and seem to be linked with 'BIG' names - but then ANY club can sign the likes of Crouch or Cisse (and then give them the tag of the 'next henry') - any one can pay £60k a week for Kewell to sit on the bench and pull splinters out of his arse. - thing is not everybody WANTS TO DO THAT - IT ISN'T VIABLE IN TERMS OF RUNNING A BUSINESS.

ANYONE can link themselves with a world class player - doesn't mean that he will sign a deal (hmm..Figo, Raul etc)


I have just witnessed a shoking game of football, played by the supposed champions of europe and a part time Bulgarian team called CSKA Sofia.


The result - 0-1 to Sofia - their small, under payed midfield ran circles around the Phenomenol Sissoko and Hamman and their defence made Cisse look - well, less than average.


At the end of the night, Liverpool looked lost - AT HOME and the crowd could not even muster up the traditional anthem. Sad really - in fact pathetic.


IF winning the CL and european cup means that the atmosphere at Goodison would disappear, the players wouldn't give two shites for the fans and the performances would be as bad as that - I DONT WANT IT - YOU CAN KEEP THE CL


Liverpool are awful and are seriously facing problems up front. Step aside Barlow, here comes Morientes, closely followed by Cisse.

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Liverpool players really don't care against smaller oppo do they? That's why the're so average in the league because of their belief they can walk past the B'hams and P'mouths. Poor.

Morientes is hilarious. If he's not getting owned by TNS he's getting bullied by a bunch of Bulgarians. Cisses & Morientes don't work. Apart from the feeling of winning the CL (which must be rather spiffing) I've never once felt any urge to support Liverpool due to that fact. Give me heart and desire to play over high wages anyday.


Agree on the Sissoko point though, think we've missed a good player on this occasion.

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