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To The Resident Car Experts


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If you are a resident expert you will notice I know buggar all about cars. In the summer I drove through a flooded road (about 4 inches of water), the day after my rear driver side brake sometimes squeaks (more like squeals - it's very high pitched and embarassing!) at the end of travel - this is mainly when I brake at the bottom of my road, for some reason it rarely happens anywhere else.


I've had my mark 5 03 Polo two years now and i've done almost at 30,000 miles so I'm considering having them replaced before my next MOT (you know.. just incase). They do seemingly work well but the squeal is too much for me now.


So I think that I may need new brake shoes and a brake drum - everything else works as it should. I'd rather buy my own stuff from highly recommended manufacturers and have a local gargage fit it (too many horror stories about garages using cheap parts that don't do the job aswell as another product could) thus my question is what manufacturers do you recommend?

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to be honest Louis, it all depends on how much trust you have for your garage. ask a fmaily member to recommend a garage they have used for a while.


you can demand Genuine VW parts.


if you can get over the water near Bootle, a place called TPS (trade parts specialist) are the distributer for VW Audi Skoda and Seat. Genuine parts from them, if you dont want genuine then try CES in Liverpool, actually CES in Chester maybe better for you mate, not sure.


if its just water damage id be suprised if you need a drum, you'll probably get ten years out of drums, they dont do much really. you may not even need the shoes, probably just need them all cleaning out and re-greasing, checking all the seals and joints for rust too.


find yourself a garage you think you trust first thou

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If it clears up after a while Louis its pretty bog standard for most cars, when you pull away in the morning just put your Left foot lightly on the brake as you are driving down your street this will warm the brakes up, it might only be a bit of damp and it should soon disappear.

If it is permanently squealing all day long, then get your brakes seen too.

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