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Do You Think We Will Bring In A Striker



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  1. 1. Do You Think We Will Bring In A Striker

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With DM saying that he has already looked at everyone we have mentioned and still no news are we going to see a new striker.


When I heard that DM was allowing Bent to leave I assumed that he had another striker lined up but now I am not so sure.


I know it could all be a smoke screen but I don't know now.

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I have voted Yes as basically we HAVE to bring in another striker.


We may just have to up the bids on some of the player we have been in for.


I am sure WBA will part with Earnshaw for £2.5M- to be honest a £1.5M offer is taking the piss of WBA to be honest.


I can see Moyes is only really thinking of him as a stop gap until the summer - but clubs aren't going to give players away.

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Timmy's already having a go up front....another injury or so & we are up the River or perhaps down the tube.


We really need another option or thjee...!!!..will we get even 1..not much about really is there???


8m for Ashton & the likes, 5 for Nugent is just plain ridculous.


See what happend....Those wankers over the park & the Maffia in London a re paying dble the odds for half rated shiote, nopw the rest of us have tom pay over the top fer even wrose shiote.


I blame the shiote fer paying what they did for Bean pole...Now Ashton & co or players akin are suddenly to dear for anyone else.


Late Edit..I didnt vote as I would require a "who the fuk nose" poll option.

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Unlike most websites, we're certainly not one for speculating unless we firmly believe it's true, and this is one of them times.


We have it on good authority that Preston's 20-year-old highly rated striker David Nugent should complete a move to Everton by Friday



i hope this is true!

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Think its naiive to think that will work just cos it worked today. Eg. Beattie gets an injury so we have to play fergie up front and we go 1-0 down after 60 mins Fergie is tired and has to come off what are we going to do bring McFadden on to get some crucial goals? Now that's really gonna happen isnt it.

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